Dallas, Texas

March 23, 1964




WARREN A. REYNOLDS, Johnny Reynolds Motor Company, 500 East Jefferson Street, Dallas, Texas, was a witness to the flight of the murderer of Dallas Police Officer J. D. TIPPIT on November 22, 1963. On January 23, 1964, WARREN A. REYNOLDS was shot in the head by a bullet from a .33 caliber rifle and the prime suspect was DARRELL WAYNE GARNER.

On February 23, 1964, there appeared in the "New York Journal-American" an article by Mr. BOB CONSIDINE which indicated that GARNER had been released based in part on the testimony of BETTY (MOONEY) MAC DONALD, who had allegedly worked as a stripper at the Carousel Club and that MAC DONALD subsequently hung herself.

On March 17, 1964, Captain O. A. JONES, Forgery Bureau, Dallas Police Department, furnished the following information from the results of the investigation by the Dallas Police Department into the shooting of WARREN A. REYNOLDS:

In January 23, 1964, at approximately 9:15 P.M., WARREN A. REYNOLDS, employee, Johnny Reynolds Motor Company, 500 East Jefferson, Dallas, Texas, after pulling the keys out of all the cars and locking them, walked down to the office basement to turn out all the lights. He flipped the light switch at the door of the basement; however, the basement remained dark. Thinking the light was burned out, he proceeded downstairs to the basement fuse box and, as he reached for the fuse box, was shot in the head with a .22 caliber weapon.

REYNOLDS, not knowing if he had received an electrical shock or had been shot, started up the stairway. At this point an unknown, small white male carrying a rifle raced past him on the stairs.

REYNOLDS proceed out of the building, fell over the hood of a vehicle near the office door, then entered the office, tired to use the telephone, and fell over a couch.

SONNY CARTY, 425 East Jefferson, Room 5, was watching television when he heard a shot coming from the direction of the Reynolds Motor Company. He ran down the hall to the balcony and observed in the bright light of the motor company car lot a white male, 5' 5", wearing brown khaki trousers, a blue flowered shirt, carrying a rifle, run out the rear of the car lot and then south in the 200 block of South Patton.

CARTY then saw REYNOLDS staggering up to the office and then observed a white compact car, believed to be a Valiant, containing two men and a woman in the front seat in front of the car lot. CARTY raced down the hall and down the stairs, by which time the vehicle was gone. He ran over to assist REYNOLDS, who advised CARTY he did not know what happened.

Mrs. CHRISTENE JEFFERIES, Apartment 101, 429 East 12th, advised she had just walked out to her car parked on Patton and she observed a small male, race unknown, about 5' 6", running down the street towards her from the direction of the Reynolds Motor Company car lot waving a rifle. The man ran down an alley and disappeared from her sight.

Investigating police officers located REYNOLDS' broken glasses and a .22 rifle bullet on the floor of the Reynolds Motor Company basement and a blood trail leading over the route traveled by REYNOLDS to the couch. Also, it was determined REYNOLDS was not robbed of anything.

L. J. Lewis, 7616 Hume, salesman at Reynolds Motor Company, advised the light bulb had been screwed out the night before the shooting.

On January 23, 1964, JOHNNY REYNOLDS, 622 West Five Mile Parkway, brother of WARREN, advised he was at home at the time of the shooting and that WARREN usually closed the lot at night.

On January 24, 1964, DARREL WAYNE GARNER, also known as "DAGO", 1006 North Bishop, white male, age 24, born January 1, 1940, 5' 8", was arrested at Topper's Cafe, 315 East Jefferson, and charged with investigation, assault to murder and "drunk and disorderly." GARNER had been talking about how sorry the REYNOLDS brothers were and that WARREN REYNOLDS had received what he deserved. GARNER had been at the Reynolds Motor Company car lot on Monday, January 20, 1964, attempting to sell a 1957 Oldsmobile for which he did not have a title and became extremely upset when REYNOLDS would not purchase the vehicle.

The day after the shooting, January 24, 1964, an anonymous telephone caller advised JOHNNY REYNOLDS to go see "DAGO" and hung up.

It was determined GARNER owned a 1961 white Ford Falcon, License Number RM 1299, which he was in the process of purchasing from WELDON MC COWEN, 619 North Winnetka.

Mrs. DAHLIA GARNER, 1006 North Bishop, mother of DARRELL WAYNE GARNER, advised DARRELL does not generally reside at 1006 North Bishop and is presently living in his car. Mrs. GARNER stated DARRELL was a mentally unstable person whom she did not desire to have hanging around influencing her other boys, RICKEY, age 16, and EARNEST, age 19.

A .22 caliber rifle, Marlin Model 80-DL, was obtained in a search of 1006 North Bishop, which rifle was found not to be the one which fired the bullet removed from WARREN REYNOLDS.

DARRELL WAYNE GARNER advised that on the night of January 23, 1964, he was driving around in his car with AUDIE ANDERSON, white male, age 18, 728 Melba, and they picked up NANCY JANE MOONEY, also known as BETTY MAC DONALD, white female, age 24, 319 North Windomere, and HELEN WOALSCHLAGER, white female, age 24 319 North Windomere, in front of the Poodle Salon on Jefferson Avenue between Beckley and Zangs about 9:00 P.M. The four drove across the river and obtained some beer. When coming back from across the river they heard from the radio about a shooting on East Jefferson. NANCY MOONEY wanted to go see what happened so they drove around near the Reynolds Motor Company car lot for about five minutes and then left. They drove around town for awhile and took HELEN home about 10:30 P.M. DARRELL and AUDIE dropped NANCY at her place at 3:30 A.M., January 24, 1964.

A Polygraph examination on January 27, 1964, was afforded DARREL WAYNE GARNER, RICKEY GARNER, EARNEST GARNER and AUDIE ANDERSON, and all were judged to be telling the truth and were released.

On February 3, 1964, DARREL WAYNE GARNER made a long distance telephone call to MRS. BILLIE BLAYLOCK, Las Vegas, Nevada, his sister-in-law, and advised her he had shot WARREN REYNOLDS.

On February 3, 1964, DARREL GARNER was arrested on charge of investigation, assault to murder. GARNER admitted calling his sister-in-law in Las Vegas but would not state what he said. He was drunk and belligerent at this time. On February 4, 1964, GARNER stated that he had been bragging to his sister-in-law so she would think he was a big shot. He also stated he frequently made statement like this when he was drunk.

On February 5, 1964, NANCY JANE MOONEY gave an affidavit substantiating GARNER's alibi for the night of January 23, 1964, when the shooting occurred. She was afforded a Polygraph examination which indicated she was telling the truth.

On February 13, 1964, at 2:45 A.M., NANCY JANE MOONEY was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace after engaging in a fight with PATSY SWOPE over the affections of one JIMMY WALTER KIRKPATRICK.

After being placed in a cell at the Dallas City Jail, NANCY JANE MOONEY hung herself with her toreador trousers, causing death by asphyxiation.

On February 13, 1964, WILLIAM GRADY GOODE, 1618 Lebanon furnished an affidavit in which he stated he had known NANCY JANE MOONEY for about six weeks, during which she had attempted suicide on two occasions. The first attempt was by gas in her bathroom at 319 Windomere, but GOODE arrived in time to revive her. The second attempt at suicide was made by cutting her wrists. MOONEY also exhibited previous scars on her wrists and stomach and advised GOODE she had done that to herself.

NANCY MOONEY, on February 5, 1964, advised Detective RAMSEY, Dallas Police Department, she had worked as a stripper at JACK RUBY's place when she was very young.

PATSY SWOPE MOORE had known NANCY MOONEY about six weeks prior to their fight over KIRKPATRICK and had shared Apartment 4 at 5400 Live Oak, Dallas, Texas, with MOONEY. Both were employed at Mickey's Bar, 1402 Greenville Avenue.

Nancy advised PATSY she had four children who resided with NANCY's mother in Paris, Texas: PATSY understood these children had been taken away from NANCY, causing her to be very despondent at times. NANCY also stated to PATSY that she had been a former striptease girl working at various bars of that type in Dallas, but the only one Patsy can specifically recall is JACK RUBY's Carousel Club.

Interviews with GEORGE SENATOR, RUBY's former roommate, and with present employees of the Carousel Club failed to identify NANCY MOONEY as a former stripper at the club.

Captain O. A. JONES received a telephone call, date unrecalled, from BOB CONSIDINE prior to CONSIDINE's article in the "New York Journal-American", at which time CONSIDINE related substantially the material contained in his article and requested Captain JONES to comment on it. Captain JONES declined to comment on the material.

During the course of the investigation into the shooting of LEE HARVEY OSWALD by JACK L. RUBY under the captain "JACK L. RUBY; LEE HARVEY OSWALD, (Deceased) - VICTIM; CR", no information was received to the effect that NANCY JANE MOONEY, also known as BETTY MAC DONALD, had ever been employed at the Carousel Club in Dallas, Texas, for JACK L. RUBY.

Commission Exhibit No. 2589