Lee Harvey Oswald in His Own Words:

Revolutionary Resumé

Warren Commission Exhibit 93 Vol. 16 Page 337-346

Note: In the interest of clarity and legibility, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization have been corrected in certain cases.

Military and Far East

    I served in the USMC from Oct 1956 -Sept 1959, during which time I served in San Diego, Calif Oct 56 April 60. Camp Pendleton April-May 1957. Jacksonville, Fla May-June 1957. Santa Anna, Calif June-August 1957. And in Japan, August 1957-Nov. 1958. Santa Anna, El Toro air base Dec 1958-September 1959. 1 month on leave during Dec. 1958.
    My stay in the far East included 8 months in Japan from Sept. 1957 to Nov 1957 and from May - Oct 1958. During Dec 57 to May 58, I was stationed at subic bay near Maibia, Phillipine Islands.
    I served in Electronics school Jacksonville, Fla., and advanced radio school Biloxi, Mississippi. I also received my high school level diploma at the same time as my schooling in Biloxi, Miss.

A. Discharge DD 214
B. Diploma -- Jacksonville, Fla School
C.     "       Biloxi Miss       "
D. Certificate of high school completion

Resident of U.S.S.R.

    I lived in Moscow from Oct. 16, 1959 to Jan 4, 1960 during which time I stayed at the Berlin and Metropoles hotel. I then lived in Minsk from Jan 5, 1960 to July 1962. I visisted Moscow during June 1961 and June 1962 for a few week in Minsk, I was granted a small apartment at Kalinnin St., later re-nemed Komunist St. I worked at the Belorussian Radio and T.V. plant as a metal worker.

A. clippings


    I first read the communist manifesto and 1st volume of capital in 1954 when I was 15. I have study 18th century philosophers works by Lenin after 1959 and atteneded numerous marxist reading circles and groups at the factory where I worked, some of which were compulsory and other which were not. Also in Russia, through newspapers, radio, and T.V., I learned much of Marx Engles and Lenin's works. Such articles are given very good coverage daily in the U.S.S.R.
    After my stay in the Soviet Union, upon my return to the USA, I continued to receive my subscription from "Komkrin Inc," Soviet ideological and informative literature, "Agitator" newspaper, Soviet "Belowsi," "Krockill," satirical political magazine, and the CPUSA newspaper "Worker." Also I receive the well known Soviet Journal "Ogonxok." I also have received literature from the Soviet Embassy, Washington D.C.

A. Proof of subscriptions to Soviet Journals
B. Subscriptions from 1962 of Worker


    I learned the Russian Language during my almost three years residence in Moscow and Minsk, USSR. October 1959-July 1962, I study Russian elementary and advanced grammar from text books with an English speaking Russian intourist teacher by the name of Rosa Agafonava, Minsk Jan-May 1960. I am totally proficient in speaking conversational Russian. I can read non-technical Russian text without difficulty and can to a less extent write in the Russian Language.

A. Letter of Proficiency.


    On May 29, 1963, I requested permission from the FPCC headquarters at 799 Brodwig, New York 3, N.Y. to try to form a local branch in New Orleans. I received a cautious but enthusiastic go-ahead from V.T. Lee, National Director of FPCC. I then make layouts and had printed public literature for the setting up of a local FPCC. I hired persons to distribute literature. I then organized persons who display receptive attitudes toward Cuba to distribute pamplets. I sought response from Latin American councils of which there are many here in New Orleans. I infiltrated the Cuban Student directorate and harassed them with information I gained, including having the N.O. city attorney general call them in and put a restraining order, pending a hearing, on some so-called bonds for invasion they were selling in the New Orleans area. I caused the formation of a small, active, FPCC organization of members and sympathizers where before there was none.

Street Agitation

    I am experienced in Street agitation, having done it in New Orleans in connection with the F.P.C.C. On Aug. 9, 1963, I was accosted by three anti-Castro Cubans and was arrested for "causing a disturbance." I was interrogated by intelligence section of New Orleans Police Dept. and held overnight, being bailed out the next morning by relatives. I subsequently was fined $10. Charges against the three cubans were dropped by the judge.
    On Aug 16, I organized a four man FPCC demonstration in front of the International trade mart in New Orleans. This demonstation was filmed by WDSU TV and shown on the 6:00 news.
    On August 17, I was invited by WDSU-Radio to appear on the August 17 radio program, Latin American Focus, at 7:30 PM. The moderator was Bill Stucky who put questions to me for half an hour about FPCC attitudes and opinions.
    After this program, I was invited to take part in a radio debate between John Buttler of "Inca," anti-communist progaganda organization representative and Carlos Bringer, Cuban exile Student Revolutionary Directorate delagate in New Orleans. This Debate was broadcast at 6:05 to 6:30, August 21. After this program, I made a 3 minute T.V. newsreel, which was shown the next day (August 22).
    I received advice, direction, and literature from V.T. Lee, National Director of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, of which I am a member. At my own expense, I had printed "Hands off Cuba" handbills and New Orleans branch membership Blanks for the F.P.C.C. Local.

A. Letter from V.T. Lee
B. FPCC membership card

Radio Speaker and Lecturer

    On August 22, I was invited, by Gene Murrett, who is studying for the Catholic priesthood, to give a lecture on Russia. Gene Murrett is the Son of my mother's sister, Mrs. D. Murrett, 757 French St., N.O., La. This lecture took place July 27, 1963, 700 PM at The University Jesuit House of Studies Spring hill station, Mobile, Alabama. Over 50 Student priest all of whom were college graduates taking the 4 years subsequent course for the priesthood attend several of the college's professors were also present. This lecture lasted for 1 hr 10 min. after which, there was 20 minutes of questions from the audience. This lecture took place in an auditorium where women are not allowed, so an all-male audience attended. The moderator of this lecture was Paul Piozza, Jesuit.

A. invitation letter
B. comments letter



    I have worked in the Jaggers-Chiles-Stoval Co. 522 Browder St., Dallas, Texas. I worked from Oct 1, 1962 to April 1, 1962. I am proficient in the photographic arts known as reverses, transparacial, line, modifications, squats blowups and miniaturizations. I have submitted and been commended for photo work for the party. I am familiar with layout and artwork and am aquainted with cold metal and hot medal processes in printing.

A. Tax returns of JCS
B. Letters commending photo work by party

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