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The President of the United States has been murdered by a Marxist-Communist within the United States.

It has been pointed out by the Hon. Martin Dies, since the assassination, that "Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist," and that when a Communist commits murder he is acting under orders. The former Congressman, head of the original Dies Committee, is probably second only to J. Edgar Hoover in first-hand knowledge acquired from early and long experience in investigating Communist activities.

The Hon. J. Edgar Hoover said in a speech on October 18, 1960: "We are at war with the Communists, and the sooner each red-blooded American realizes that the better and safer we will be." He emphatically repeated this statement on December 3, 1963 - - ten days after the assassination. And this is none the less war because the Communists conduct it according to their usual methods, without regard to civilized rules or human decency.

Nor is it in character for the Communists to rest on this success. Instead, we can expect them to use the shock, grief, and confusion of the American people, resulting from the assassination of our President, as an opportunity for pushing their own plans faster. Also, we shall be subjected to an ever greater barrage of distortions and falsehoods, aimed at imposing on the nation a completely false picture of the situation and of the forces at work. They have to subvert our minds as well as our institutions.

For five years The John Birch Society has said that, regardless of the external threat, Communism was a serious internal menace in the United States. And we were right. This has now been proved, tragically but conclusively, to the deep sorrow, but also to the profound alarm, of all good Americans. The time has come for those good Americans to join us in this fight against the powerfully organized "masters of deceit." For, as Edmund Burke once wrote: "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

The John Birch Society is an educational army, and our only weapon is the truth. But George Washington stated our problem well: "Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light." We take tremendous pains in proportion to our numbers and our strength, and all we need to win is that enough other patriots join us in our determination and our labors. For there is nothing the Communists fear so much in the whole world today as having the American people learn, too soon, the truth about their purposes, their methods, and their progress.

If you oppose the Communist conspiracy by learning and spreading the truth, you may expect to be smeared as viciously as we have been for five years. But you will be helping to save your family and your country from the same cruel tyranny that has already been imposed on a billion human beings.

The time has come for every red-blooded American to react as such. If you have the willingness to learn and the courage to support the disturbing truth, use the coupon below. It will be without any obligation on your part, and we shall not contact you further unless or until you request us to do so.


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Executive Committee: Wm. J. Grede, A. G. Heinsohn, Jr., Fred C. Koch, Clarence E. Manion, R. W. Stoddard

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