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Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

This Week's Devotional

Our devotional will cover the material in Mark 11, verses 1-11, read them several times over until you are familiar with the events.

If we were to look back three years, from the time of these events, we would see Jesus the carpenter of Nazareth, a dutiful son, a skilled craftsman, remarkably wise, and spiritual.

When he left His home to fulfill all that was written of Him in The Scriptures, He showed Himself to be a tireless servant with an inexhaustible compassion for those who suffered.

Though popular with the common people, He was rejected by the religious and civil leaders of the Jews.

Those who followed Him hoped to find Him the warrior King, The Political Messiah, who would set them free of Roman dominion, heal their infirmities, and supply them with food, riches, and peace.

A large crowd follows Jesus as He walks along the road that leads from Jericho to Jerusalem. Jesus has appeared at Jerusalem twice before and each time the city was turned upside down. This time all Palestine knows of Him, His teachings, and His miracles.

It is common knowledge that He is a descendant of David, and Heir to the throne of Judah. Everyone is electrified by the thought that perhaps this year the High Priest may anoint Him King. This year may be the year of the salvation of Judah. The atmosphere is carnival-like, as Jesus nears The City.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, word has come that Jesus is approaching. The whole city, already swollen with pilgrims arriving to celebrate the Passover, is stirred up to a fever pitch with anticipation over the arrival of Jesus.

The civil and religious leaders of Jerusalem are gathering in hurried meetings. "We must not let "this Jesus" get out of hand! The people are already swept away by him, one word from him could spell disaster for us all.

Verses 1-6

The time for restraint is past. Jesus displays His omniscience and refers to Himself as The Lord. Jesus never rode anywhere, but as God's Messiah, it would be inappropriate to walk into The City of David. Kings of ancient times entered cities with great pomp and show. If they came to display their might and sovereignty, they rode on horseback or in a chariot, which were symbols of war.

If they came in peace to bestow favor, they came upon a donkey, a symbol of peace.

Verses 7-8

Jesus' intention was understood by all. Since it was customary for the path of visiting Kings to be strewn with fragrant spices, flowers, and costly carpets and robes, the people made do with what they could quickly find.

The Hope of all was to be fulfilled! Jesus was to be anointed King! God was with Him and would give Him victory over his foes! At long last God's Messiah would deliver His people and establish His Kingdom forever!

Verses 9-10

People poured out through the gates of Jerusalem to meet the new King. Jesus found Himself in the midst of a cheering throng. The shouts of "Hosanna", expressed ecstasy over the victory that God was granting them. "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord", is from Psalm 118. To get a clear picture of the mind set of the people read the whole Psalm. It speaks of victory over the enemies of God's people, thanksgiving, and the blessings of God's favor.

Verse 11

The whole city of Jerusalem must have celebrated through the night. They would have a King! They would be set free! God will lift up his people! Freedom from Rome! Peace and Prosperity!!

But for the Priests, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Scribes, the civil leaders, their worst nightmare had come true.

They all had rejected Jesus and had been plotting his assassination. Now he has captured the heart of the people of Jerusalem. "They declare Him to be their King!!"

Their lives are on the line if he isn't stopped. But how?

This is the closest that Jesus ever came to receiving the glory and worship that belonged to Him. It lasted but a moment because the hearts of the people were really set upon their own desires. When Jesus did not fulfill their hopes, their enthusiasm waned.

The Kingdom of God is not about us getting what we want, it is about Christ being our King and his Word reining in our hearts. When we think and speak and act as God commands, we are blessed, for we were designed to live according to God's Law. When we place our own desires at the center of our life instead of God's will, we reject God as our King and we become slaves to our own fallen nature.

Let us all open our hearts and welcome Jesus as our King. Let us, by prayer and by keeping His Word, submit our lives to His will and "Hosanna" will be our shout of Victory in Christ!

This Week's Song

We Bow Down

You are Lord of creation and Lord of my life,
Lord of the land and the sea.
You were Lord of the heavens before there was time,
and Lord of all lords You will be!

You are King of creation and King of my life,
King of the land and the sea.
You were King of the heavens before there was time,
and King of all kings You will be!


We bow down and we worship You, Lord.
We bow down and we worship You, Lord.
We bow down and we worship You, Lord.
Lord of all lords You will be!

Copyright 1984 by Singspiration Music/ASCAP. Admin. by The Benson Company, Inc., Nashville, TN. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by Permission.

Love In Christ

Greg Spencer


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