The Cyber Church of Milwaukee

To our visitors,

Welcome to the Cyber Church of Milwaukee. "CCM" is the outgrowth of a world wide email ministry that began in 1988. Its purpose was to minister to Christians as a source of devotional materials and pastoral counseling. As the internet matured and graphic web pages and browsers became common, this email ministry evolved into a web site. Over the years The Cyber Church of Milwaukee has been transcribed and published in magazines, been the basis for a radio series in Germany, been translated into Portuguese for use by missionaries in Brazil, and has ministered to Christians living in Russia, Romania, and Communist China.

Though this site is one of the oldest Christian Ministries on the Internet it is still visited by many and the devotionals you find here are still enriching the lives of those who use them.

Pastor Greg, the author of these devotionals served as an Elder at Northtown Church in Milwaukee Wisconsin and is presently the pulpit minister at the Waukesha Church of Christ in Waukesha Wisconsin. For information on kindred Churches in South Eastern Wisconsin visit the additional links found in this site.

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