The Testimony of Greg Spencer

Greetings in the name of Jesus.

In response to a number of requests for information on my background I submit this testimony.

I was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1951, to a middle class family. At the age of seven my father died of cancer. This forced my mother to work full time, and faced with the loss of her husband and the burden of raising two children she turned to self pity and drinking. I had to learn to take care of myself and to cope with a mother who was drunk all the time. When I was twelve years old I completed confirmation classes in The Evangelical United Brethren Church. That same year I lost my faith in God completely.

At the age of thirteen I joined a Rock and Roll band and soon was introduced to smoking and drinking. By the time I reached seventeen I began to smoke marijuana and hash, and was well on my way to becoming an alcoholic.

When I graduated from high school I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life, and since I had no money I didn't enter college. The next four years were spent going from band to band playing music while I worked factory jobs to support myself.

My friends were all working on careers for themselves while I continued to take drugs and drink.

My life finally began to fall apart. I wasn't making it in the music business, all my friends were off in college and my future looked like a endless series of dirty factory jobs, drugs, drinking, and Bands that never made it big.

To try and make some sense of all this I turned to Buddhism, parapsychology, Witchcraft, Tarot and anything that might offer me some hope of finding a place in life. Nothing helped.

I came to see myself as a failure, I was unsuccessful in everything I put my hand to, and I was alone.

I began to plan my own death. Death seemed like the only way to put an end to the disappointment and pain of failure. Life offered me no hope only suffering and meaningless toil. Fortunately, a friend told me about a wonderful drug rehabilitation center in California. She said it was a place where people really cared and where I could get my head together.

I quit my job and partied for two weeks and then packed my car and drove to California to enter that drug rehab center.

For a year I tried to free my self from the bondage I suffered, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

I endured physical and emotional abuse along side brain washing, but although some of my behavior changed, the inner man was still filled with pain, bitterness, and hopelessness. I ran away from the rehab center and returned to Milwaukee.

After I arrived home, I looked up some old friends who had become Christians. I was struck by the change I saw in them, they seemed so filled with joy. They claimed that they got that way reading The Bible and praying. Now I didn't believe in God and I thought that The Bible was a fairy tale, but I was willing to look and see if perhaps the ancient Jews had stumbled upon the secret of human psychology.

I began to read the Bible and pray. I opened my heart to God expecting nothing to happen, in fact, I really hoped that I would discover the secret of happiness hidden some where in scripture, some rule or truth that would allow me to attain a successful place in this life, with no strings attached.

Little did I know, that God was willing to meet me where I was and reveal himself to me. God began to answer my prayers! At first I thought that my prayers were "self fulfilled", but soon I could not deny that a power greater than me was involved in these answers.

When I was finally convinced that God could "hear" even my silent thoughts, I was overwhelmed, HE WAS GOD!, but which God?

I began to seek to know Him. I read the Bhagavad-gita, The Book of Mormon, the Koran, and any Holy Writings I could find. They all seemed carnal to me, not the revelation of God, only the imagination of man. I then returned to the book through which I first "made contact", The Bible.

For two years I studied The Bible in every spare minute I had, I even listened to Bible lessons on tape when I was driving. I finally began to realize that membership in a Church was part of Gods will for me, so I started visiting Churches in the area. I went to the big denominations first, then gradually looked to the smaller, one of a kind Churches.

They all seemed either like prisons or social clubs. I expected to find Church to be a place where people were empowered by their relationship with THE LIVING GOD, where people respected The Bible as God's word, and where people loved each other with a Holy love.

Just when I was ready to give up my search and conclude that the Church no longer existed. I was asked by a friend to give her a ride to a new church that met in an office building.

It was North Town Church, and there I found what I was looking for. They loved with a Holy love, and revered the Bible as God's living word.

It's been eighteen years since I discovered North Town, I drive over 40 miles to attend there. In the years that have passed I met the woman who became my wife and I became the father of four daughters. At North Town, I was first asked to lead prayers, but soon I found myself leading communion, leading singing, and teaching and preaching. North Town went through it's share of troubled times, but I never even thought of leaving my Christian family there. Two years ago North Town considered appointing Elders to lead the Church. I was appointed along with a wonderful older man.

I never did find the secret to success in this world, I am a machine operator in a factory. I never got a degree in college. I never made it big, But God has raised me up among my brethren and given me a ministry in His Church.

The idea for The Cyber Church of Milwaukee came to me as I was first "cruising the Net." I want to use the Net as a means of evangelism, a way of reaching people who would never think of going to Church. I don't think I have had much success in that area, instead it seems that God is using CCM as a way of ministering to Christians who need something more than they have in their local Church.

I am not a prophet of God, and I am not infallible. I expect that I will teach some things that people will disagree with. Yet I do say this, I love God and I love his word. He is my savior and I want to serve him in all things. It is my prayer, that CCM will minister to peoples needs and strengthen their relationship with God and the members of their local Church. I always try to answer all the letters I receive from members.

You are free to copy and use any of my devotional material, I ask only this, that if you alter them in any way, please delete my name from the text so I needn't be responsible for teachings that didn't originate with me.

This is a brief account of my story and I hope it answers any questions you may have about me.

in Christ

Greg Spencer