January 22, 1968

TO: JIM GARRISON, District Attorney

FROM: ANDREW J. SCIAMBRA, Assistant District Attorney

RE: HENRY EARL PALMER, Clinton, Louisiana

MR. PALMER informed me that JOHN MANCHESTER has recently told him that right around the time the black Cadillac was in Clinton, he remembers seeing a boy who fit OSWALD's description coming out of a CORE meeting in Clinton and when he left the CORE meeting, MANCHESTER followed him and the car went in the direction of Jackson, Louisiana. PALMER also informed me that he feels sure that CORY [sic] COLLINS was in town on the day the black Cadillac was there.

He also informed me that VAN BUSKIRK's secretary is MARY ANN SAGELY, who now runs a store in Felixville, Louisiana, and who can give us a lot of information on VAN BUSKIRK.

He also said the doctor that OSWALD mentioned was in the second register which covers from L to Z. The name RIERA rings a bell in some way for him.

[A handwritten note in the margin adds, "Dr. Riera," then "Riera's Clinic, Marrero, N.O. (Narcotics conviction. Also friend of Ferrie's.)"]