January 29, 1968

TO: JIM GARRISON, District Attorney

FROM: ANDREW J. SCIAMBRA, Assistant District Attorney

RE: Interview with BOBBIE DEDON, East Louisiana State

Hospital -- August 4, 1967

Lt. Francis Fruge and I interviewed BOBBIE DEDON at the hospital and Lt. Fruge has a tape recording of the conversation. These are some of the highlights of the conversation.

While looking through pictures of people in our investigation, MRS. DEDON picked out a picture of LEE HARVEY OSWALD and said that s he [sic] definitive that she has seen him and talked to him at the hospital. She said that she was working in the Clinic as a receptionist and that Parker Hall was right next to where the personnel office was. She says that she feels OSWALD came and asked her for instructions on how to get to the personnel office. She feels that she told him where it was with no further conversation and he walked off in that direction. MRS. DEDON then looked at Lt. Fruge and said that she also remembers the time that Fruge came to the hospital to pick up ROSE CHERAMIE around November of 1963. And she also said that she remembered that Fruge was with an older person (Fruge acknowledges this to be true).

MRS. DEDON said that it was quite common for people to come to her for instructions because of the locality of her position. MRS. DEDON also says that the picture of CLAY SHAW looked very familiar but she just can't place where she saw him. MRS. DEDON said that we [sic] can't say why but somehow she relates OSWALD with ESTES [sic] MORGAN whom both she and her husband knew.