January 29, 1968

TO: JIM GARRISON, District Attorney

FROM: ANDREW J. SCIAMBRA, Assistant District Attorney

RE: Interview with MARY MORGAN, June 3, 1967

I went back to the home of REEVES MORGAN to talk further with MR. MORGAN about OSWALD's appearance at his home and also to talk with his daughter, MARY MORGAN, who had been at home at the time of the OSWALD visit.

MARY MORGAN informed me that she did not pay much attention to the incident as it was all very normal for lots of people to drop in her dad's home in order to get some help for employment. MARY told me that when OSWALD was in the house talking with her dad, she happened to walk towards the screen door and went onto the porch and just casually noticed that there was a dark colored car parked under the tree in front of the house. It was rather dark and she didn't really pay much attention to the car. She says that as best she can remember, it was an old car and the model was somewhere in the Fifties. She says that she remembers seeing a woman in the car. She did not pay much attention to the whole situation and she did not go out to see OSWALD and the woman in the car drive away.