[Handwritten statement of Andrew Dunn]

July 13, 1967

Clinton, La --

Parish of East Feliciana 3:00 PM

My name is Andrew Haden [sp?] Dunn. I am 57 years old. I have resided in this parish all of my life. I am unemployed at this time due to illness.

During the summer months of 1963, during the civil rights demonastrations [sic], I was sitting in front of Wright's Barber Shop, which is located right across from the Register of Voters Office [sic]. At about 9:00 AM, I don't remember the exact date, but I saw a Black [sic] Cadillac pull up in front of the Register of Voter's Office [sic] and park. There were four men in the car. There was a tall well dressed man driving the car. The other three men in the car were not as tall and not as well dressed. I can identify the four men that were in the car.

I have looked at several pictures handed to me by Lt. Fruge of the State Police and have identified three pictures of the men in the car. He did not [unintelligible] pictures.

They all got out of the car and stood around the car for a few minutes, then three of them got back into the car and one left. I don't know where he went to.

I knew Estes [sic] Morgan personally. I saw him standing in the line of people that were trying to register to vote one day. I can not [sic] say for sure if this was on the same day that I saw the Cadillac.

I don't remember how long this car stayed parked there.

I do not know who Clay Shaw is and have never seen a picture of him in the newspaper or the television [sic].

I am making this statement thru [sic] my own free will. I have not be [sic] threatened or been made any promises to make it.

I have read this statement and swear that it is the truth to be [sic] best of my knowledge.

[signed] Andrew H. Dunn

[signed] Wit. Lt. Francis L. Fruge

[signed] Anne H. Dischler