Dallas Police radio transmissions following the Kennedy assassination.

The JFK Assassination Dallas Police Tapes

History in Real Time

Part Three

Time Channel 1 Channel 2
  Caller Message Caller Message
  Dispatcher 602.    
  211 & 224 (Ptm. R. Hawkins and Ptm. L.D. Wilson) 211 (probably 111) and 224, working Oak Cliff.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) Did someone find a jacket?    
  Dispatcher No (?), 85.    
  79 (Ptm. B.N. Arglin) 79 clear, downtown.    
  Dispatcher Clear.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 One of the men here at the service station that saw him seems to think he's in this block, the 400 block of East Jefferson behind this service station. Would you give me some more squads over here?    
  79 (Ptm. B.N. Arglin) 79 en route.    
    . . . 19/90/car 2.    
  412 (CID) 412 en route.    
    . . . 400 East Jefferson.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 412.    
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) Go ahead.    
  Dispatcher 400 East Jefferson.    
  75 We're almost there.    
  Dispatcher 19, where did the officer go?    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 550/2.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) I saw some squads going towards Methodist real fast. Imagine that's where he is.    
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) 75.    
  Dispatcher 400 East Jefferson. Report in that vicinity.    
  75 Code 2.    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  76 (Ptm. H.H. Horn) 76.    
  Dispatcher 76.    
  76 (Ptm. H.H. Horn) I'm en route over there.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  16 (Sgt. R.D. Shipley) 16'll be out on East Jefferson.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 16.    
  77 (Ptm. W.E. Smith) 77.    
  Dispatcher 77.    
  77 Going back over about 400 East Jefferson?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  93 (Ptm. H.M. Ashcraft) 93 en route 400 East Jefferson.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  24 (Ptm. D.L. Pate) 29's out 400 West Jefferson.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  27 (unknown) 27. (Siren)    
  Dispatcher 79.    
  79 (Ptm. B.N. Arglin) Call 79? (Siren)    
  Dispatcher Are you en route 300 East Jefferson?    
  79 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  95 (Ptm. M.N. McDonald and Ptm. T.R. Gregory) 95 en route. (Siren)    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 95.    
  93 (Ptm. H.M. Ashcraft) 93's en route.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 93.    
  221 (Ptm. H.W. Summers) 221's about there.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 221.    
  223 (Ptm. C.T. Walker) 223's there.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher Do you have the information?    
  19 No. What?    
  Dispatcher On 2.    
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) 75.    
  Dispatcher 75.    
  75 NBC News is reporting DOA.    
  Dispatcher That's correct.    
  75 (?) That the officer?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  87 (?) (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87.    
  75 . . . on the President?    
  Dispatcher No, that's not correct, 19.    
    What officer was it?    
  Dispatcher J.D. Tippit.    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87.    
  Dispatcher 87.    
  87 A white station wagon believed to be P (Paul) E (Ellis) 3435, unknown make or model, late model, occupied by two white males, left this fellow's station going east on Davis and believed they had a shotgun or rifle laying in the back seat.    
  Dispatcher Received, 87.    
  87 87 en route down there on Jefferson.    
  Dispatcher 87, when you get down there see if you can find that car down there at the scene.    
  87 10-4, Code 2. (Beeps)    
  Dispatcher 3.    
  87 10-4.    
  603 (ambulance) 603. (Siren)    
  603 603. (Siren)    
  Dispatcher 603.    
  603 (ambulance) 603, Code 5, Baylor. 605 Baylor to, ah.    
1:28     Dispatcher Stand by. Notify 1 that officer involved in this shooting, Officer J.D. Tippit, we believe, was pronounced DOA at Methodist 1:28 p.m.
      4 (Deputy Chief of Police N.T. Fisher) Is there any indication that it has any connection with this other shooting?
      Dispatcher Well, the descriptions on the suspect are similar and it is possible.
      4 Thank you.
1:29     Dispatcher 10-4. 1:29 p.m.
      15 (Captain C.E. Talbert) If you get ahold of 15/2 to send some of his people to relieve people at the scene on this book building, we will meet back in service.
      Dispatcher 15, you received the information on Tippit, didn't you?
      15 (Captain C.E. Talbert) 10-4. En route to Oak Cliff now.
      Dispatcher 15, do you want 4 to relieve some of those people on the building?
      15 He has some people at Love Field I think I can send down here.
      Dispatcher I think he is going to have to leave them, Captain, because they are going to have to move back out. They are not going to allow anybody on that field.
      15 Check with 15/2 and see if he has any he can spare.
      Dispatcher Well, I have got 20 from him and I had to send them out to Parkland and block it off.
      15 We will leave it like it is.
1:30     Dispatcher Clear. 1:30 p.m.
      211 (Patrolman R. Hawkins and E.R. Baggett) Can you give Captain Westbrook any information as to where he was shot?
      Dispatcher Repeat.
      211 (Patrolman R. Hawkins and E.R. Baggett) Can you give Captain

Westbrook any information as to where this happened?

      Dispatcher It was in the 400 block of East 10th near Patton.
      15 (Captain C.E. Talbert) Did you say he was DOA at Methodist?
      Dispatcher Yes.
      15 Have they released any condition on the President?
      Dispatcher We understand he is DOA, too.
      Unknown Was the governor hit?
      Dispatcher Unknown.
      15 Was 19 asking for a squad to cover that area?
      531 (Sergeant G.D. Henslee) Yes, we have 10 squads over there now.
      15 Do you think you have a suspect?
      Dispatcher 800 E. Jefferson, 15.
      15 (Captain C.E. Talbert) 10-4. Have you run a make on that license number yet?
      Dispatcher Yes, we are running a (garbled) on it now.
      234 (Patrolman J.B. Jones) Do you want us at the emergency entrance or at the front?
      Dispatcher They are going to set up a command post at the entrance at Hines on Lofland Drive and don't let any traffic in there whatsoever unless its an emergency.
      9 (Inspector J.H. Sawyer) Have the escorts cut their sirens.
      Dispatcher Cut the sirens, escorts. Cut the sirens.
      10 (Inspector J.B. Jones) Notify the escorts on North Hines to cut their sirens.
      Dispatcher Attention escorts going north on Hines - cut your sirens.
1:32 Dispatcher 10-4, 603. 1:32.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  Dispatcher 1.    
  111 (Ptm. J.G. Pollard) 111.    
  Dispatcher 111.    
  111 They say he's running west in the alley between Jefferson and Tenth.    
    (Other voices)    
  Dispatcher 85.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85.    
  Dispatcher West in the alley between Jefferson and Tenth.    
    (Tape splice)    
  85 10-4.    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87, 10-4.    
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) 75 received.    
  599 (Cockrell Hill Squad) 599 in service.    
  Dispatcher 599 clear. 1:32.    
  605 (ambulance) 605, Code 5, VA.    
  Dispatcher Escort going north on Hines: Cut your sirens.    
1:33 Dispatcher 10-4, 605. 1:33. Dispatcher Notify 9 that we have information that the ladder that runs up to the roof on this building there is concealed space under a sheet metal plate, sheet metal has to be raised and there is some concealed space under that sheet metal. 1:33 p.m.
  606 (ambulance) 606, Code 6. (Siren)   .
  Dispatcher 10-4, 603. 1:33.    
    . . . clothing description on that suspect? (Siren)    
  Dispatcher White male, thirty, height five foot eight, very slender build, black hair, a white jacket, white shirt and dark slacks. 1:33.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 Do you know what kind of call he was on?    
  Dispatcher What kind of what?    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) Was he on a call or anything?    
  Dispatcher No.    
  19 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Do you have any information for us, 19?    
  19 None. We're shaking down these old houses out here in the 400 block of East Jefferson right now.    
  95 (Ptm. M.N. McDonald and Ptm. T.R. Gregory) 95.    
  Dispatcher Go ahead.    
  95 Send squad over here to Tenth and Crawford to check out this church basement.    
  Dispatcher Need a squad at Tenth and Crawford. (noises)    
  66 (Ptm. F.S. Williams) 66 en route.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  66 (?) Crawford north of Jefferson?    
  Dispatcher Tenth and Jefferson.    
  32 (Ptm. N.L. Hackney and Ptm. J.T. Smith) 32.    
  Dispatcher 32.    
  32 We're out here at Mockingbird and Cedar Springs and the traffic is all right now. They don't need us anymore. Should we stay out here or what?    
1:34 Dispatcher Return to service. 1:34. Dispatcher Lead escort motorcycles escort - cut your sirens. 1:33 p.m. Continue broadcasting for the escorts to cut their sirens. Attention escort, 1 now going north on Hines cut your siren. 1:34 p.m.
  Dispatcher 87. 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) With as little attention as possible, get up and break traffic ahead of the cars.
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87. 10 (Inspector J.B. Jones) He said notify those jockeys to attract as little attention as possible, barely crack the intersection, get up and break traffic ahead of the cars.
  Dispatcher P (Paul) E (Ellis) 3435, C.E. Storey, 5317 Goodman, 1961 Falcon (four door?).    
  87 He wasn't sure of the license number.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  16 (Sgt. R.D. Shipley) 16.    
  Dispatcher 16/69.    
  16 Prefix and color on that car again.    
  223 (Ptm. C.T. Walker) 223.    
  Dispatcher Go ahead, 223.    
  223 (Tires squealing, noises) 223, he in the library at Jefferson - east 500 block Marsalis and Jefferson.    
  223 223.    
  Dispatcher What's the location, 223?    
  223 (Ptm. C.T. Walker) Marsalis and Jefferson. In the library. I'm going around the back. Get somebody in front. Get them in fast.    
  Dispatcher Any unit near Marsalis and Jefferson at the library.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85 en route.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 85.    
  6 (?) (Dep. Chief R. Landry) 6 (?).    
  Dispatcher Go ahead.    
  6 (?) . . . en route.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  29 (Ptm. J.M. Williams) 29.    
  Dispatcher 29.    
  29 Clear over here in the downtown area. Any place you can use me?    
  Dispatcher Jefferson and Marsalis, 29.    
  29 En route.    
  22 (Ptm. L.L. Hill) 22.    
  Dispatcher 22.    
  22 (Ptm. L.L. Hill) They've got him holed up, it looks like, in this building over here at the corner.    
  22 (?) . . . where you be?    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85, library.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  211 (Ptm. R. Hawkins) 211 out that location.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 We're all at the library.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. 223 is supposed to be there.    
  19 We're in front of the building now.    
    Where is it?    
  Dispatcher Marsalis and Jefferson.    
    What and Jefferson?    
  Dispatcher Marsalis.    
  221 (Ptm. H.W. Summers) 221.    
  Dispatcher 221.    
  221 Might can give you some additional information. I got an eye-ball witness to the get-away man. That suspect in this shooting is a white male, twenty-seven, five feet eleven, a hundred sixty-five, black wavy hair, fair complected, wearing a light grey Eisenhower-type jacket, dark trousers and a white shirt, and (. . . ?). Last seen running on the north side of the street from Patton, on Jefferson, on East Jefferson. And he was apparently armed with a 32 dark-finish automatic pistol which he had in his right hand.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. For your information, 221, they have the suspect cornered in the library at Marsalis and Jefferson.    
  221 (Ptm. H.W. Summers) 10-4. This man can positively identify him if they need him.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. They do have the suspect under arrest now.    
    221, hang on to your witness.    
  Dispatcher Hold on to him.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 It was the wrong man.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Disregard all the information on the suspect arrested. It was the wrong man.    
  Dispatcher 221.    
  221 (Ptm. H.W. Summers) Yes.    
  Dispatcher Standby.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19. (Siren)    
  Dispatcher 221 has an eye witness to the shooting. You want him to hold on to him?    
  19 What did you say? Where is he?    
  Dispatcher Do you want him to keep the eye witness at the scene?    
  19 Yes.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  221 (Ptm. H.W. Summers) I'm in front of 404 West - East - Tenth right now.    
  Dispatcher He's in front of 404 East Tenth, 19.    
  221 I've got two witnesses; one that talked with the officer and one that observed the man.    
  66 (Ptm. W.A. Everett) 66.    
  Dispatcher 242, location?    
  242 (Ptm. B.E. Thornhill) 242 at R.L. Thornton and Marsalis.    
  Dispatcher 243.    
  550 (Sgt. W.R. Westbrook) 550.    
  Dispatcher 550.    
  550 What officer have you got commanding this area over here where this officer was shot?    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  550 Repeat.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  550 (Sgt. W.R. Westbrook) 19, where's your location?    
  19 I'm at Marsalis and Jefferson right now.    
  550 (Sgt. W.R. Westbrook) There's nothing to this Marsalis here. Let's back up to the place where . . .    
  223 (Ptm. C.T. Walker) 223.    
  550 (Sgt. W.R. Westbrook) . . . and work to North Jefferson. We've got a witness that seen him go north . . .    
  223 223.    
  550 (Sgt. W.R. Westbrook) . . . after . . . shed his jacket. And check from that area towards Tyler.    
  Dispatcher 223.    
  223 (Ptm. C.T. Walker) That was just a boy running to tell them what happened. He works there.    
  Dispatcher 243, location?    
  241 (Ptm. J.P. Hollingsworth) 241 at 1000 North Central.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. Report to the third floor of the Sheraton. Contact officer there for an escort to Parkland.    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87.    
  49 (Ptm. C.R. Galbreath) 49.    
  Dispatcher 49.    
  49 I'm back in the car. Where do you want me?    
  Dispatcher Remain in the downtown area.    
  49 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 241. You receive, 241?    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87.    
  241 (Ptm. J.P. Hollingsworth) 10-4. Whereabouts on the third floor?    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 550/2.    
  Dispatcher Go ahead, car 2.    
  550/2 The shells at the scene indicate that the suspect is armed with an automatic 38, rather than a pistol.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  492 (CID) 492.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher Are you en route to 404 East Tenth where 221 has the eye witness?    
  19 Yes.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  492 (CID) 492.    
  Dispatcher 492.    
  492 We've been instructed to report to the Oak Cliff scene. What is the location and what code?    
  Dispatcher 300 East Jefferson.    
  492 (CID) Code?    
  Dispatcher Code 2.    
  492 10-4.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  Dispatcher What's your location?    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 Is 80 in service?    
  Dispatcher 80.    
  19 I think that he was sent down to Elm and Central. We need somebody to notify that officer's wife.    
  Dispatcher 80.    
  Dispatcher 241 (?).    
  Dispatcher 241.    
  210 (Sgt. J.M. Young) 210.    
  Dispatcher 210.    
  210 I'm at Hines and Wolf. Does 19 want me out in Oak Cliff?    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  210 I'll head that way.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19, do you want . . . Can you use 210 over there?    
  222 (Ptm. V.R. Nolan) 222 clear.    
  Dispatcher 241.    
  410 (CID) 410.    
  Dispatcher 410.    
  410 410 en route from Trade Mart with three detectives to the City Hall, unless otherwise directed.    
1:35     Dispatcher Attention: motorcycle escort with 1 - attract as little attention as possible, continue advising the escort to cut the siren. 1:35 p.m.
      9 (Inspector J.H. Sawyer) I have been out of the car. Have you been trying to contact me?
      Dispatcher Did you get that information. Did the motor jockey give you the information about the building?
      9 (Inspector J.H. Sawyer) It's being secured now.
      Dispatcher 1 or Dallas 1 when we get to the Main entrance (garbled) Are you en route to Love Field?
1:37     1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) Yes, but don't put it on the air. (1:37 p.m.)
      39 (Patrolmen J.F. Butcher and C.W. Comer) I got a State Unit going Southwest Airmotive to pick up (garbled)
      2 (Assistant Chief of Police Charles Batchelor) We have information that someone to pick the governor's wife up.
      1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) Don't let anyone follow us into the field.
      Dispatcher 10-4.
      2 (Assistant Chief of Police Charles Batchelor) Mrs. Connally is being flown in here from Austin. She will arrive at Love Field. A State car will be standing by but it will probably be an hour before she gets here. Notify the Command Post at Parkland to get her through when she arrives. (Garbled)
      Dispatcher 10-4.
      Dispatcher Dispatcher to Parkland Command Post - Mrs. Connally will arrive in about an hour. Be sure to let her through.
      Parkland Command Post 10-4.
      Dispatcher 1, Dallas 1 is standing by at Sta. 5, his office.
      1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) 10-4.
1:40     Dispatcher 1:40 p.m.
      Dispatcher Surgeon being flown in from Galveston to Dallas Love Field. Looking for someone to stand by and escort him to Parkland. He should be by in about 30 minutes.
      550/2 (Sergeant Gerald L. Hill) A witness reports that he last was seen in the Abundant Life Temple about the 400 block. We are fixing to go in and shake it down.
      Dispatcher Is that the one that was involved in the shooting of the officer?
      550/2 Yes.
      Dispatcher They already have him.
1:43 Dispatcher 10-4, 410. 1:43.    
  Dispatcher 241.    
  Dispatcher 87.    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87.    
  Dispatcher 87, was that a Pontiac or Falcon?    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) He didn't say what kind of car it'd be. It was a white car with a luggage rack on the top. He wasn't sure of the model; it was a big car though.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  392 (CID) 392.    
  Dispatcher 392.    
  392 392 and 362 in service from Fed-Mart; from the . . .    
1:44 Dispatcher 10-4. 1:44. 550/2 (Sergeant Gerald L. Hill) No, that wasn't the right one. (1:44 p.m.)
  392 . . . available for assignment. Dispatcher Anybody at Elm and Houston?
  Dispatcher 10-4. 297 (Three-wheel motorcycle, operator unknown) 10-4.
    (Tape splice) Dispatcher 297, contact 9 and notify him they are holding up a north-bound freight train there in the yard and they want to shake it down before they let it go. Do you want to send some officers over there to shake it down?
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87. What was the last location anybody had on that suspect out here in Oak Cliff? 297 (three-wheel motorcycle, operator unknown) 10-4.
  Dispatcher Running north on Patton. 551 (Sergeant H.H. Stringer) The jacket the suspect was wearing over here on Jefferson bears a laundry tag with the letter B 9738. See if there is any way you can check this laundry tag.
  222 (Ptm. V.R. Nolan) 222 clear. 138 (Patrolman D.L. Jackson) We need a Justice of the Peace at Parkland Hospital, Code 3.
  Dispatcher 222 clear. Dispatcher 10-4.
  232/2 (Ptm. A.E. Garrison) 232/2.   (Garbled)
  Dispatcher Car 2. 550/2 (Sergeant Gerald L. Hill) Advise someone to get in the alley and behind that building at the fire escape.
  232/2 I just run an emergency escort out here to Love Field. I'm clear now. Dispatcher 5, an aide to the Vice President by the name of Minesport will arrive at Southwest Airmotive at 2:05 and will you also advise Secret Service.
  Dispatcher 10-4. 5 (Deputy Chief George L. Lumpkin) All right.
  252 (Ptm. F.T. Chance) 252. 39 (In sergeant's car) 39 a half.
  Dispatcher 252. Dispatcher Go ahead.
  252 Would you check though Austin on H (Henry) S (Sam) 1877 and get registration on it, please? The car is parked out here at this shooting which took place regarding the President. 39 39 is in front of me stationed right across the airstrip from me right in front of Southwest Airmotive. What have you got? (Garbled)
  65 (Ptm. W.A. Everett) 65 clear.    
  252 (Ptm. F.T. Chance) 252.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  252 252.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  Dispatcher 252.    
  252 Did you receive the license number?    
  Dispatcher No, give it to us again.    
  252 H (Henry) S (Sam) 1877, Texas 1963.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  79 (Ptm. B.N. Arglin) 79.    
  Dispatcher 79.    
  79 (Ptm. B.N. Arglin) I'm here at 19's location. Any message for him?    
  Dispatcher 10-4. We have information that a suspect just went in the Texas Theater on West Jefferson.    
  79 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Supposed to be hiding in the balcony.    
  79 10-4.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85 out that way.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  65 (Ptm. W.A. Everett) 65 clear.    
1:46 Dispatcher 65 clear. 1:46.    
  111 (Ptm. J.G. Pollard) 111 en route.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. 111.    
  76 (Ptm. H.H. Horn) 76, Code 5.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  9 (Insp. J.H. Sawyer) 9.    
  Dispatcher 9.    
  9 (Insp. J.H. Sawyer) 9. We have a man we would like to have you pass this up on to the CID to see if we can pick this man up. Charles Douglas Givens, G-I-V-E-N-S. He's a colored male, thirty-seven, six foot three, a hundred sixty-five pounds. He has an ID number in the Sheriff's Department, 37954. He's a porter that worked on this floor up here. He has a police record and he left.    
  492 (CID) 492, out Texas Theater.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 9.    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 550/2.    
  Dispatcher 550/2.    
  550/2 Do you have any additional information on this Oak Cliff suspect?    
  492 (CID) 492, out Texas Theater.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher They think he is at Texas Theater, 550/2.    
  508 (Crime Lab/ W.E. Barnes) 508.    
    . . . meet (?)    
  Dispatcher 85 at Texas Theater, 550/2.    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 10-4.    
  Dispatcher In the balcony.    
  Dispatcher 241.    
  241 (Ptm. J.P. Hollingsworth) Go ahead.    
  Dispatcher Did you make that pickup at the Sheraton?    
  241 No, I couldn't find him. He's not at the front; he's not on the side; and he's not on the third floor.    
  Dispatcher . . . work right there (?).    
  108 (unknown) 108.    
  Dispatcher 108.    
  108 I brought him out here myself. I'm at Parkland. Going back to the communications center.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. 241, you're clear.    
  508 (Crime Lab/ W.E. Barnes) 508.    
  Dispatcher 508.    
  508 Notify our office to send us more slides and I need additional . . . bulb crack . . . metallic kits, extra metallic kits. Bring to the sixth floor down here at Houston and Elm.    
  Dispatcher An additional metallic -- what was that?    
  508 Metallic kit.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher . . . en route to Texas Theater. Have someone cover off the rear of the theater at the fire escape.    
  211 (Ptm. R. Hawkins) 211.    
  99 (Ptm. S.E. Norman) 99.    
  Dispatcher 211.    
  211 (Ptm. R. Hawkins) 211. There's about five squads back here with me now.    
1:48 Dispatcher 10-4. 1:48.    
  Dispatcher 48 (?). For your information 757 Parkhurst. 1:48.    
  48 (?) (Ptm. A.D. Duncan) 757 Parkhurst?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  99 (Ptm. S.E. Norman) 99.    
  Dispatcher 99.    
  99 I'm in my car. Where do you want me to go?    
  26 (Ptm. G.W. Hammond) 26.    
  Dispatcher Standby, 99.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  Dispatcher Do you want 99?    
  15 No, send him to the Texas Theater, if they don't need him down at the book bindery.    
  Dispatcher Texas Theater on West Jefferson, 99.    
  29 (Ptm. J.M. Williams) 29.    
  Dispatcher 29.    
  29 About two blocks away.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. Handle assignment.    
  Dispatcher 99, report to the book depository at Elm and Houston.    
  99 (Ptm. S.E. Norman) 10-4.    
  397 (CID) 397.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 15 and some squads are going to the Texas Theater. I remain here at the scene.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 41.    
  610 (ambulance) 610, Code 5. (Siren)    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 610.    
  Dispatcher 41.    
  41 (Ptm. T.R. Burton) 41.    
1:50 Dispatcher 41, meet 610, 2412 Elm. 1:50. Dispatcher We need an escort there at Southwest Airmotive at 2:05 p.m. 1:50 p.m.
  41 (Ptm. T.R. Burton) 2410 Elm. 210 (Sergeant J.M. Young) Has anybody made arrangements or picked Tippit's wife up?
  Dispatcher 2412. Dispatcher I am not sure, 210.
  41 10-4. 210 If you give me the address, I will go up there and pick her up.
  397 (CID) 397. Dispatcher Yes, you go pick her up. I do not have anybody to send right now.
  Dispatcher 397. 210 I'll call 505 for the address.
  397 397 and 375 is on the air and available for call. 39 (Other half. One occupant at this time) I am going back to the Southwest Airmotive. 39 has the State unit.
  Dispatcher 10-4. 1:50.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 Did you get anybody to go to the officer's house?    
  Dispatcher 19, were going to have 210 to contact you there and you give him the information. He said he'd handle it.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 10-4.    
  26 (Ptm. G.W. Hammond) 26.    
  Dispatcher 26.    
  26 Will remain out to Homicide Bureau with a witness on the officer's shooting.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  610 (ambulance) 610 out. (Siren)    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 610. (Noises)    
  41 (Ptm. T.R. Burton) 41.    
  Dispatcher 68.    
  68 (Det. G. Woods) 68.    
  Dispatcher Are you still downtown?    
  68 I'm at Central and Loop 12.    
  Dispatcher You're still working 41 now?    
  Dispatcher 68.    
  68 (Det. G. Woods) 68.    
1:51 Dispatcher 68, meet officers regarding a demented person in Republic Bank lobby, 300 North Ervay. 1:51. Dispatcher 10-4, 39. 1:51 p.m.
  68 10-4. 410 (Captain O.A. Jones) Ask 15/2 if he has any extra officers there to help hold back the crowd on the south side of Parkland Hospital.
  49 (Ptm. C.R. Galbreath) 49. 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) What are the circumstances of J.D. Tippit?
  Dispatcher 49. Dispatcher We do not have it all clear yet, 1. He was involved in a shooting and was DOA at Methodist and I am sorry that is all I have right now.
  49 I'm available. 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) Did they get the suspects?
  Dispatcher 10-4. You downtown? Dispatcher We believe we have him in the Texas Theater now.
  49 10-4. 1 10-4.
  257 (Ptm. C.E. Witmer) 257. 39 (A half. One occupant at this time) Is he to arrive at 2:05?
  Dispatcher 257. Dispatcher Yes.
  257 (Ptm. C.E. Witmer) I'm clear at Wadley. Had to bring one of the employees back. 39 I'll stand by.
1:52 Dispatcher 10-4. 1:52. 4 (Deputy Chief N.T. Fisher) The latest information is they are supposed to stop them over in the vicinity where we are now. (Garbled) Would you check with the tower and see if this is correct?
  57 (unknown) 57. 39 (A half. One occupant at this time) I'm in the sergeant's car and 39 has the tower radio.
  Dispatcher 57. 4 (Deputy Chief N.T. Fisher) Well, where is he?
  57 . . . telephone. 39 He has gone with the State unit to pick up the governor's wife.
  Dispatcher 10-4. Dispatcher We have apprehended a suspect in the shooting at the Texas Theater.
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 550/2. 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) 10-4.
  Dispatcher 550/2.    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) Suspect on the shooting the police officer is apprehended and en route to the station.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. At Texas Theater?    
  550/2 Caught him on the lower floor of the Texas Theater after a fight.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  32 (Ptm. N.L. Hackney and Ptm. J.T. Smith) 32.    
  3 (Dep. Chief M.W. Stevenson) 3.    
  Dispatcher 3.    
  3 2 and 3 are on the air. We're en route to Parkland Hospital now. Will be en route back to the station in a few minutes. What do you have working the Texas Theater?    
  Dispatcher We had a shooting of a police officer which was DOA at Methodist. The suspect has been apprehended at Texas Theater and en route to the station.    
  3 (Dep. Chief M.W. Stevenson) 10-4. Thank you.    
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and Ptm. J.W. Courson) 91.    
1:53 Dispatcher 91. 1:53.    
  242 (Ptm. B.E. Thornhill) 242.    
  Dispatcher 242.    
  242 Suspect was arrested?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  305 (Det. Landle and Det. Beck and Det. Boyce) 305.    
  Dispatcher 305.    
  305 Tell that squad to stand by there for me with that man.    
  Dispatcher (???)    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 550/2.    
  Dispatcher 550/2.    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 223 is in the car with us. See if someone can pick up his car at the rear of the Texas Theater and take it to the station. It's got the keys in it.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 91.    
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and Ptm. J.W. Courson) 91.    
  Dispatcher Report back to the Texas Theater. Get 223's car and lock it up.    
  91 10-4.    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) We're bringing the prisoner straight to the City Hall.    
    . . . 20.    
  221 (Ptm. H.W. Summers) 221. 509 said he'd be out, 400 East Tenth, for a few minutes.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 221.    
  Dispatcher 22.    
  210 (Sgt. J.M. Young) Where did you say you had him? Or somebody had him?    
  Dispatcher Suspect has been arrested in Texas Theater.    
    Where is he? Who's got him?    
  Dispatcher 550/2 and 223.    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 550/2.    
  Dispatcher Go ahead.    
  550/2 Special Service unit is with us also. We're in his car, 492.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  211/2 (unknown) 211/2.    
  Dispatcher 211/2.    
  211/2 Put me out to Parkland for my remainder of my tour.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15 to 550/2.    
  305 (Det. Landle and Det. Beck and Det. Boyce) 305 to 550/2.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) What's your location?    
  305 (?) (Det. Landle and Det. Beck and Det. Boyce) Go ahead, 550/2.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15 to 550/2. Your location?    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) Zangs and Colorado.    
  15 Do you have the suspect arrested in the Texas Theater?    
  550/2 Yes, sir. Him and his gun.    
  15 10-4.    
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