• Thursday February 5, 1998

  • By Greg Jaynes

  • Lapel Flap?

  • Jeff Lotz of Failure Analysis discovered the lapel flap on
    John Connally's jacket in Zapruder frame 224. Gerald Posner
    say's "this jacket movement may be one of the most important
    timing confirmations in the case as it established the moment
    the bullet hit (JBC) him."

    According to the single bullet theory JFK must also be hit at
    about this instant. At first glance this seems reasonable.
    My question comes after viewing the location of the exit hole
    on the front of John Connally's jacket.

    This may or may not be the instant of a single bullet passing
    through President Kennedy and Governor Connally but how
    can a bullet exiting Connally's jacket at the point shown in the
    photo below cause the lapel to flap?

    Photo provided by Robert Groden

    It looks like only a part of the lapel is being flapped upward.
    The white shirt is visible above and below the point of the flap.
    This goes back to the question above. How can a bullet exiting
    the jacket below the flap cause this to happen?