Oswald a Homosexual?

Lisa Pease' article "Who's Running the Country" in the Jan/Feb., 1997 issue of Probe seemed to me to be a fairly routine rundown on the Lopez Report and Oswald in Mexico City, until I ran across the following:

Oswald the Homosexual?

Another astounding little item is dropped in passing. In a section exploring a possible Oswald sighting, this sentence appears:

In addition, Headquarters asked the Mexico City Station to bear in mind while interviewing Ruyle's source that Lee Harvey Oswald is a homosexual.12
This sentence is sourced to a dispatch from the CIA Director to the Mexico City Station. Why would the CIA say this? This was a document for internal distribution only until Lopez and Hardway dug it up. In addition, what's interesting is the context of this dispatch. The report concludes:
The final sentence of the dispatch, "It is our hopes that the facts obtained through these interviews will help to confirm that several of Garrison's allegations about involvement of anti- Castro Cubans, the CIA etc. are false," explained the Central Intelligence Agency's motives for pursuing the story.13
So while suggesting avenues to pursue in order to attempt to refute Garrison's allegations, the CIA had concocted a bombshell, one that would go a long way towards giving credence to the circle of associates surrounding Oswald, such as David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Raymond Broshears, Jack Ruby and other homosexuals. It also underscores the importance of this very curious 1967 FBI memorandum in which the following is stated:
BRANIGAN advised all information concerning investigation by SA KENNEDY had been forwarded to the Department and to the Warren Commission, that certain of this information was sealed and this decision had been made by GEORGE McBUNDY, (sic) Presidential Advisor, and members of the Warren Commission, and principally pertained to information showing certain people were homosexuals, etc., was not germane to the investigation, and McBundy and the Commission decided this should be sealed as any such information becoming public records would have an adverse effect on people named and could lead to character assassination.14
It might appear strange that the FBI which was trying so hard to paint Oswald as a lone nut assassin, and which felt that revealing someone's homosexuality "would have an adverse effect on the people named" nonetheless refrained from this particular form of "character assassination." It's not strange, of course, when one considers that such a revelation would do more to help, not hurt, Garrison's case.

In reality, Lee Oswald's sexual preferences and practices are pretty well-known through reliable sources. His wife Marina gave details to Priscilla McMillan which were published in Marina and Lee. And when Lee and Marina shared an apartment as a young married couple in Minsk, the KGB spied on all aspects of their life together — including their having sex. The details can be found in Norman Mailer's Oswald's Tale.

This passage, I'm afraid, illustrates two characteristics that are much too typical of the conspiracy literature.

1. The Free Association as Evidence Principle. If somebody says "homosexual" a lot of bells go off. Clay Shaw was a homosexual. Ferrie was a homosexual. Ruby (supposedly) was a homosexual. So if somebody says "homosexual" in relation to Oswald — it's a link!

After all, all these homosexuals must know each other. They are all "linked." No need to show that any two have been in the same place at the same time. Sexual orientation is enough.

I would say this was "homophobic," but that would be unfair. This same principle is applied to all sorts of groups. International bankers. Jesuits, Cubans, people who work for the government.

2. The Government Documents are Never Mistaken Principle. That's right. The bureaucrats who wrote them are never just clueless. Oh . . . they may lie to serve the sinister purposes of The Conspiracy. Or they may let The Truth slip out. But they are never ever just flatly wrong.

This reminds me of John Newman, who actually claims that secret CIA documents stating that Lee Oswald "renounced his citizenship" were part of a "disinformation campaign" inside the CIA. These are the same documents that the nasty old CIA kept concealed so long. But then fearless researchers and the ARRB pried them loose.

That's right. Documents that were part of a "disinformation campaign" were drafted, and then kept secret. Really a shrewd form of propaganda.

It couldn't possibly be that the CIA, in its infinite wisdom, confused "legally renounced his citizenship" and "said he wanted to renounce his citizenship and said nasty things about his country."

Usually there are, in fact, plenty of internal clues of cluelessness. The reference to GEORGE McBUNDY [sic] in the document above is an example. The presidential aide referred to is McGeorge Bundy. It reminds me of Mark Lane, in the video Two Men in Dallas, waving a CIA memo that says that the gun recovered in the School Book Depository was a Mauser. It also says that the date of the assassination was September 22, 1963!

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