Lee Harvey Oswald in His Own Words:

Letter to His Brother Upon Defecting

Warren Commission Exhibit 294
Vol. XVI. Pg 814

Note: In the interest of clarity and legibility, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization have been corrected in certain cases.

Nov. 2, 1959

Dear Robert,

    Well, what should we talk about? The weather perhaps? Certainly you do not wish me to speak of my decision to remain in the Soviet Union and apply for citizenship here, since I am afraid you would not be able to comprehend my reasons. You really don't know anything about me. Do you know for instance that I have waited to do this for well over a year? Do you know that I (Example of Russian writing) speak a fair amount of Russian which I have been studying for many months.
    I have been told that I will not have to leave the Soviet Union if I did not care to. This then is my decision. I will not leave this country, the Soviet Union, under any conditions. I will never return to the United States, which is a country I hate.
    Someday, perhaps soon, and then again perhaps in a few years, I will become a citizen of the Soviet Union, but it is a very legal process, in any event, I will not have to leave the Soviet Union and I will never leave.
    I received your telegram and was glad to hear from you. Only one word bothered me. The word "mistake." I assume you mean that I have made a "mistake." It is not for you to tell me this. You cannot understand my reasons for this very serious action.
    I will not speak to anyone from the Unites States over the telephone since it may be taped by the Americans.
    If you wish to correspond with me you can write to the below address, but I really don't see what we could talk about. If you want to send me some money, that I can use, but I do not expect to be able to send it back.


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