Lee Oswald in His Own Words:

The Communist Party of the United States

Warren Commission Exhibit 97 Pg 422-430

Note: In the interest of clarity and legibility, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization have been corrected in certain cases.

    The Communist Party of the United States has betrayed itself!
    It has turned itself into the traditional lever of a foreign power to overthrow the Government of the United States, not in the name of freedom or high ideals, but in servile conformity to the wishes of the Soviet Union and in anticipation of Soviet Russia's complete domination of the American continent.
    The Forster's and the Flynn's of the subsidized Communist Party of the United States have shown themselves to be willing, gullible members of the Kremlin's Internationalist propaganda.
    There can be no international solidarity with the arch-betrayers of that most sublime ideal.
    There can be no sympathy for those who have turned the ideal of communism into a vile curse to western man.
    The Soviets have committed crimes unsurpassed even by their early day capitalist counterparts, the imprisonment of their own peoples, with the mass extermination so typical of Stalin, and the individual suppression and regimentation under Khrushchev.
    The deportations, the pursposeful curtailment of diet in the consumer slighted population of Russia, the murder of history, the prostitution of art and culture.
    The communist movement in the U.S., personalized by the Commnist Party U.S.A., has turned itself into a "valuable gold coin" of the Kremlin. It has failed to denounce any actions of the Soviet Government when similar actions on the part of the U.S. Government brings pious protest. Examples:
     Denouced:      Not Denounced:
United States Russian
Atom Bomb Test Atom Bomb Test
Cuba Hungary
N.A.T.O. Maneuvers Warsaw Pact Maneuvers
U-2 Sobel
Congo Eastern Germany
Negro Lynching Genocide

    Only by declaring itself to be, not only not dependent upon, but opposed to, Soviet domination and influence, can dormant and disillussioned persons hope to unite to free the radical movement from its inertia.
    Through the refusal of the Communist Party U.S.A. to give a clear cut condemnation of Soviet piratical acts, progressives have been weakened into a stale class of the fifth columnist of the Russians.
    In order to free the hesitating and justifiably uncertain, future activist for the work ahead we must remove that obstacle which has so efficiently retarded him, namely the devotion of the Communist Party U.S.A. to the Soviet Union, Soviet Government, and Soviet Communist International Movement.
    It is readily forseeable that a coming economic, political or military crisis, internal or external, will bring about the final destruction of the capitalist system, assuming this, we can see how preparation in a special party could safeguard an independent course of action after the debacle, an American course steadfastly opposed to intervention by outside, relatively stable, foreign powers, no matter from where they come, but in particular, and if neccessary, violently opposed to Soviet intervention.
    No party of this type can attract into its ranks more than a nominal number of fundemental radicals.
    It is not the nature of such an organization to attract such a membership, as let's say, the Republicans or even the Socialist Party, but it is possible to enlist the aid of the disenchanted members of the Socialist party and even some from more "respected," (from a capitalist viewpoint), parties.
    But whereas our political enemies talk loudly now, they have no concept of what total crisis means.
    The faction which has the greater basis in spirit and the most far-sighted and ready membership of the radical futurist, will be the decisive factor.
    We have no interest in violently opposing the U.S. Government, why should we manifest opposition when there are far greater forces at work, to bring-about the fall of the United States Government than we could ever possibly muster?
    We do not have any interest in directly assuming the head of Government in the event of such an all-finishing crisis. As dissentient Americans we are merely interested in opposing foreign intervention which is an easily drawn conclusion if one believes in the theory of crisis.
    The emplacement of a separate, democratic, pure communist society is our goal, but one with union-communes, democratic socializing of production, and without regard to the twisting apart of marxist communism by other powers.
    The right of private, personal property, religious tolerance, and freedom of travel (which have all been violated under Russian "Communist" rule) must be strictly observed.
    Resourcefulness and patient working toward the aforesaid goals are preferred rather than loud and useless manifestations of protest. Silent observance of our principles is of primary importance.
    But these preferred tactics now, may prove to be too limited in the near future, they should not be confused with slowness, indecision or fear, only the intellectually fearless could even be remotely attracted to our doctrine, and yet this doctrine requires the utmost restraint, a state of being in itself majestic in power.
    This is stoicism, and yet stoicism has not been affected for many years, and never for such a purpose.
    There are organizations already formed in the United States, who have declared they shall become effective only after the military debacle of the United States. Organizations such as the minute men, or the opposite of a stoical organization. But these performers are simply preparing to redefend in their own back yards, a system which they take for granted will be defeated militariy elsewhere a strange thing to hear from "patriots". These armed groups represent hard core American capitalist supporters. There will also be small armed commnist and probably Fascist groups. There will also be anarchist and religious Groups at work.
    However, the bulk of the population will not adhere to any of these groups because they will not be inclined to join any of the old factions with which are all so familiar.
    But the people will never accept a new order presented by politicians or opportunist.
    Logically, they will deem it neccessary to oppose those system of Government against whom they have been educated, but they will be against anything resembling their former capitalist masters also.
    Steadfastly opposed to the revival of the old forces they will seek a new force.
    This will be the sentiment of the masses.
    But any organization cleverly manipulating words may sway the masses.
    This is where a safegaurd is neccessary.
    And not only a safeguard, but a safety valve, to shut off opportunist forces from within, and foreign powers from without.
    There can be no substitute for organization and procurement work. Towards the afore stated ideals and goals. Work is the key to the future door, but failure to apply that key because of possible armed opposition in our hypothetical, but very probable crisis, is as useless as trying to use force now to knock down the door.
    Armed Defenses of our ideals must be an accepted doctrine after the crisis, just as refraining from any demonstrations of force must be our doctrine in the meantime.
    No man, having known, having lived, under the Russian Communist and American capitalist system, could possibly make a choice between them. There is no choice, one offers oppression the other poverty. Both offer imperialistic injustice, tinted with two brands of slavery.
    But no rational man can take the attitude of "a curse on both your houses". There are two world systems, one twisted beyond recognition by its misuse, the other decedant and dying in its final evolution.
    A truly democratic system would combine the better qualities of the two upon an American foundation, opposed to both world systems as they are now.
    That is our ideal.
    Membership in this organization implies adherence to the principle of simple distribution of information about this movement to others and acceptance of the ideal of stoical readiness in regards to practical measures once instituted in the crisis.

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