Lee Harvey Oswald in His Own Words:

Oswald's Utopia: The "Atheian System"

Warren Commission Exhibit 98 Pg 431-434

Note: In the interest of clarity and legibility, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization has been corrected in certain cases.

A system opposed to the communist.

    In that the state or any group of persons may not administer or direct funds or value in circulation, for the creation of means of production.

A. Any person may own private property of any sort.
B. Small business or speculation on the party of a single individual may be guaranteed.
C. That any person may exchange personal skill or knowledge in the completion of some service, for renumeration.
D. That any person may hire or otherwise renumerate any other single person for services rendered, so long as that service does not create surplus value.

A system opposed to the Capitalist in that:

    No individual may own the means of production, distribution, or creation of goods or any other process wherein workers are employed for wages, or otherwise employed, to create profit or surplus profit or value in use or exchange.

A. In that all undertaking of production, distribution or manufacture or otherwise the creation of goods must be made on a pure, collective basis under the conditions:
    1. Equal shares of investment be made by members
    2. Equal distribution of profit after tax, be made to all investors
    3. That all work or directive or administrative duties connected with the enterprise be done personally by those investors
    4. That no person not directly working or otherwise directly taking part in the creational process of any enterprise, have a share of or otherwise receive any part of the resultant profit of it.



The Atheian system

A system opposed to communism, socialism, and capitalism
    1. Democracy at a local level with no centralized State.
A. That the right of free enterprise and collective enterprise be guaranteed.
B. That fascism be abolished
C. That nationalism be excluded from every-day life.
D. That racial segregation or discrimination be abolished by law.
E. The right of the free, uninhibited action of religious institutions of any type or denomination to freely function.
G. Universal Suffrage for all persons over 18 years of age.
H. Freedom of dissemination of opinions through press or declaration or speech.
I. That the dissemination of war propaganda be forbidden as well as the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.
J. That Free compulsory education be universal until 18.
K. Nationalization or communizing of private enterprise or collective enterprise be forbidden.
L. That monopoly practices be considered as capitalistic.
M. That combining of separate collective or private enterprises into single collective units be considered as communistic.
N. That no taxes be levied against individuals
O. That heavy graduated taxes from 30% to 90% be leveled against surplus profit gains.
R. That taxes be collected by a single ministry subordinate to individual communities.
    That taxes be used solely for the building or improvement of public projects.

Against In so far as Reason.
limitations on freedom of travel, press, religion, speech, elections
taxes income taxes and some building license taxes
sale of arms pistols should not be sold in any case, rifles only with police permission, shotguns free
extremist of purely racial character or regional anti-Negro or Jew or nationality or anti-religion
unemployment it is caused by other than voluntary means of employers such as automation

medical aid: free hospital beds and operations
aid to education state and national subsidy of universities and free or paid expenses for students of higher educational units
welfare all encomp. higher pensions independent of amount of work; only curbed as to type of work and rank of worker upon retirement
disarmament general disarmament and abolition of all armies except civil police force armed with small arms

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