From Vince Palamara's Notebook:


20 H 391: Seth Kantor's notes----"Will Fritz's men called off nite before by SS. Had planned to ride closed car w/ machine guns in car behind Pres." [which could mean someplace behind JFK's car, as was the case in New York on 11/15/63]; ---------


6 H 163:
DMN reporter Tom Dillard---"We lost our position at the airport. I understood we were to have been quite a bit closer. We were assigned as the prime photographic car which, as you probably know, NORMALLY A TRUCK PRECEDS THE PRESIDENT ON THESE THINGS [MOTORCADES] AND CERTAIN REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PHOTOGRAPHIC PRESS RIDE WITH THE TRUCK. In this case, as you know, we didn't have any and this car That I was in was to take photographs which was of spot-news nature." [emphasis added]. Dillard forcefully said the same thing on C-Span on 11/20/93, telling the tv audience that the flatbed truck was "cancelled at the last minute" and they were put in Chevrolet convertibles "which totally put us out of the picture." [all previous trips, inc. Florida, has press/ photographers very close in front and behind JFk's limousine, inc. WH photographer Cecil Stoughton, who rode in the SS follow-up car from July 1963 until 11/21/63---he was relegated to one of the aforementioned convertibles and would NOT tell me who placed him away from the limo! In addition, Godfrey McHugh was told, for the first time, to please not ride in the limousine, as he and/ or Ted Clifton often did; however, bith the Secret Service and (recently) Ken O'Donnell have been blamed for this, although McHugh earlier had mentioned only the SS to CFTR radio in 1976, years before the Ralph Martin book!]; ---------

4 H 169:
DPD Chief Jesse Curry---testified that he was not consulted about the motorcade route!; >From WC document-Griffin to Rankin re: Dallas PD: "From an administrative standpoint, (DPD's Charles) Batchelor believed that the failure of the Secret Service to inform the police adequately in advance of the exact route to be taken by the president prevented them from adequately organizing their men and taking the necessary security precautions.";

21 H 564:
DPD Asst. Chief Charles Batchelor---"He [Lawson of the SECRET SERVICE] also stated that we should have men on each railroad and traffic overpass that the presidential party would go under, and that these people should be instructed NOT TO LET ANYONE STAND OVER THE IMMEDIATE PATH OF THE PRESIDENTIAL PARTY." [emphasisi added---not adhered to in Dealey Plaza!]; 4 H 327: Secret Service agent Winston G. Lawson himself testifies that "any citizen", no exceptions, were to be kept off overpasses. In fact, 4 H 351: Lawson testified: "I recall thinking we were coming to an overpass now, so I glanced up to see if it was clear, the way most of them had been, THE WAY ALL OF THEM HAD BEEN UP UNTIL THAT TIME ON THE WAY DOWNTOWN, AND IT WAS NOT...And I was looking for the officer WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE, HAD BEEN REQUESTED TO BE THERE...and I made a kind of motion through the windshield trying to get his attention to move the people from over our path THE WAY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN...we were just approaching this overpass when I heard a shot." [emphasis added---was this a visual distraction, as the umbrella man was? In the new Z-film video---the sprocket area---Secret Service agent Clint Hill, in particular, is seemingly transfixed on the umbrella man DURING the initial shooting!]; 2 H 119:
Fellow Secret Service agent William R. Greer, the driver of the limo, conveniently didn't really remember anyone (except MAYBE one police officer) on the overpass!;


6 H 312:
D.V. Harkness;
7 H 535:
DPD officer Joe M. Smith;
7 H 107:
Seymour Weitzman;
6 H 196:
Ronald Fischer;
20 H 443:
SS Inspector Kelley re: LHO!

18 H 887:
[see Dick Ruseell's book, "the Man Who Knew Too Much"]
was on the Young Americans for Freedom National Board!;

5 H 454-455;457-458:
Secret Service Chief James J. Rowley---testifies about Secret Service agent Abraham W. Bolden, Sr. re: Bolden's allegations of laxity and his legal troubles [Bolden was shocked that he was mentioned at all in the 26 volumes---he never knew he was in them, let alone testimony from the Chief!];

1 H 399:
Robert Oswald---Marguerite shown Ruby's photo NOVEMBER 23, the day BEFORE Ruby shoots LHO! Who showed her the photo? SECRET SERVICE AGENT MIKE HOWARD!

18 H 795:
Secret Service agent Andy Berger---writes in his SS report that "AN UNIDENTIFIED CIA AGENT" who had "CREDENTIALS" made himself available at Parkland while JFK was there (this is seperate from FBI agent Vincent Drain, who identified himself and was sent via Hoover, and an "unidentified FBI agent" who did NOT have credentials!;

17 H 566:

17 H 574:
a bomb threat in El Paso, TX on 6/5/63---JFK, Connally, and LBJ were there (although LBJ was not in the motorcade) to start the planning of the upcoming Texas trip for NOVEMBER 21-23, 1963!!!;

18 H 692:
Confirmation that Godfrey McHugh did indeed come from Fort Worth, as Harry Livingstone wrote in "High Treason 2", pp. 567-568;
17 H 870-895:
the Secret Service's 12/5/63 re-enactment photo album [A.K.A. "WHY THE #&$%# DIDN'T THE TSBD SHOOTER SHOOT AT JFK WHEN THE PRESIDENT WAS TRAVELLING DOWN HOUSTON STREET?!?!);

19 H 42:
BEVERLY OLIVER? [in dispute];
19 H 148:

from transcript of a speech by Revilo P. Oliver from 1964:
"Oswald, as we all know, killed Kennedy. There is only one uncertainty, whether another Communist sharpshooter participated in the assassination. There is a good deal of evidence, INCLUDING THAT OF PERSONS WHO SAY THEY SAW THE NEWSREEL FILM BEFORE IT WAS TAMPERED WITH, and the reported opinions of the physicians who examined the body in Dallas, that four shots were fired---not three--and that at least one of them came from a different location. That, of course, is the kind of evidence that Earl Warren will probably do his best to suppress [emphasis added]".;

20 H 510:
Photo of General Walker's backyard---this time the license plate is allowed to remain intact!!!!;

20 H 356 and 411: San Antonio Congressman Henry Gonzalez obtained Connally's clothing/ effects, but 6 H 118:
they first went to LBJ aide Cliff Carter! (?);

20 H 445:
SECRET SERVICE AGENT ROGER WARNER in Parkland Hospital with LHO [more corronboration for Dr. Crenshaw];

20 H 161, 163:
photos of Dealey Plaza---see Stemmons Sign...;
19 H 690:


20 H 410:
"A Western Union man who had been with us since we came down from Andrews Air Force Base came into the [Parkland Hospital] office.A nurse asked him about a report that a Secret Service agent had been killed out on the street. HE SAID THAT IT WAS TRUE. This was one of the immediate rumores which sprung up. It took several days for this particular rumor not to be believed in Dallas itself (FELLOW IN JAGGARS-CHILES-STOVALL who got it from a friend who got it from a POSTMAN* supposed to have been at the death scene that the shot and bleeding SS man was in on the plot to kill the President.)" [emphasis added]

20 H 489:
DPD Captain Perdue Lawrence (rode in the advance car) Exhibit re: motorcycle distribution DATED NOVEMBER 21, 1963, the day before the assassination [handwritten comments from 7/24/64]:

In addition to DPD motorcycles officers B.W. Hargis and B.J. Martin, H.B. MCLAIN AND J.W. COURSON WERE SLATED TO RIDE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF JFK'S LIMOUSINE. Also, in addition to DPD motorcycl officers D.L.Jackson and J.M. Chaney, C.A. HAYGOOD AND M.L. BAKER WERE SLATED TO RIDE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF JFK'S LIMOUSINE!

3 H 244: DPD motorcycle officer M.L. Baker testified that there was a last minute change made at Love Field-told to stay to the rear of limousine [Baker evidently interpreted this as WAY back];
6 H 293:
DPD motorcycle officer B.J. Martin testified that they were instructed to stay to the rear of the limousine;
7 H 580-581:
DPD Captain Perdue Lawrence testified that the Secret Service told them to stay to the rear on the evening of 11/21/63 [based off JFK's alleged "desires", debunked by my Secret Service interviews and previous motorcades, inc. in Texas and Florida in November 1963: how convenient---JFK's "desires" coincided with his assassination!];
21 H 571:
DPD Asst. Chief Charles Batchelor----"[DPD Captain Perdue] Lawrence then said there would be four (4) motorcycles on either side of the motorcade immediately to the rear of the President's vehicle [as borne out by his 11/21/63 report]. MR. LAWSON [OF THE SECRET SERVICE] STATED THAT THIS WAS TOO MANY, that HE thought two (2) motorcycles on either side would be sufficient, about even with the rear fender of the President's car." [emphasis added];
4 H 338:
Secret Service agent Winston G. Lawson--- DULLES: " you recall that any orders were given by or on behalf of the President with regard to the location of those motorcycles that were particularly attached to his car?' LAWSON: "NOT SPECIFICALLY AT THIS INSTANCE ORDERS FROM HIM." [emphasis added---Lawson would go on to say that "it was my understanding that he did not like a lot of motorcycles surrounding the car", something not borne out by very recent prior motorcades!!!];
20 H 453; 463-465:
DPD Captain Glen King---stated that the Secret Service was PRIMARILY responsible for the President's security, while the role of the DPD was a SUPPORTIVE one [in keeping with all prior motorcades in 1963]

19 H 711, 713:

LHO/ Connally letters [Korth];

19 H 656, 717:
LHO's "13-inch head", as per researcher Jack White's speculations? :-);

18 H 96:<BR> Arlen Specter way off trajectory (photo)!;

17 H 485:
DPD Channel 2 transcript---DPD wanted to hold the two Secret Service cars (the limo and the follow-up)at parkland to PRINT THEM!!!;

16 H 950-951:

V.P. Detail of SS Shift Report for 11/22/63---
(18 H 814: "ATSAIC [PAUL] RUNDLE")

18 H 14, 31:
Re: David Ferrie!;

13 H 214, 352:
"Rocco took pictures"---is this Larry Ronco, Oliver's friend?;

16 H 721:
recorded interview (transcript) of Marguerite Oswald by Secret Service agent Mike Howard---"Harvey Lee Oswald": first time corrected, second time not corrected;

6 H PLUS 17 H 1-48:
Parkland Hospital medical reports/ testimony;

9 H 179, 199, 273:
George De Mohrenschildt's friendship with Jackie Kennedy and the Auchincloss family;

9 H 235:
De Mohrenschildt's friendship plus with the CIA's J. Walter Moore;

11 H 330-331:
Dean Andrews---testified that LHO couldn't have killed JFK;

21 H 150-269: Price Exhibits

22 H 710-712: Palmer McBride

22 H 931-932: Shari Angel Weston

23 H 817:
11/22/63 FBI report---interview of Roger Craig

24 H 23:
11/25/63 FBI report---second interview of Roger Craig

24 H 765:
transcript of Chief Curry's comments on WFAA/ ABC for 11/23/63 re: Craig's 'negro in a car'

25 H 171:
Earlene Roberts re: police car blowing horn

25 H 378-380:
re: Ruby in Houston 11/21/63!

25 H 721-722, 725, 844-850:
re: Secret Service agent Mike Howard and brother Pat and the allegation that they deliberately planted story that a janitor saw LHO pull trigger

25 H 769:
Douglas Jones/ Jones Printing Co.---did not believe LHO ordered Hands Off Cuba handbills

26 H 63: re: Dallas gundealer John Thomas Masen

26 H 79-84: re: author Joachim Joesten

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