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Key Photographs: The Secret Service and JFK's security
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October 15, 1963, Washington, D.C: Brig. Gen. Godfrey McHugh looks back as Special Agent Bill Greer and ASAIC Floyd Boring ride in the front seat. Either Boring or SAIC Gerald Behn rode in the limousine on all motorcades --- until the Texas tour, when a third-stringer, ASAIC Roy Kellerman, took their place. (!) And, as we know, McHugh and Clifton were not in the limousine at all in Dallas.

Fort Worth, TX, morning of November 22, 1963: On that morning, President Kennedy was afforded the same heavy yet normal flanking motorcycle formation that was customarily provided to him -- including all the prior Texas stops.

Yet, just a short time later that same day in Dallas, JFK was given a mere four NON-FLANKING, useless motorcycles -- a serious lapse in security, resulting in tragedy.

Tampa, FL, November 18, 1963: Agents Andrew Berger (in tandem with Don Lawton) and Chuck Zboril ride on the rear of the limousine, close follow-up car, heavy flanking motorcycle formation, Brig. Gen. Godfrey McHugh is in the front seat, press photographers are in front of the motorcade.

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