The Footnotes of Case Closed: 100 Instances of Misrepresentation, Myth, and Omission by Conspiracy Theorists

By W. Tracy Parnell 2001


Much has been written about the so-called "errors" in Gerald Posner's bestseller Case Closed. However, one under-reported area seems to be the accuracy of conspiracy authors and theorists. Could their books withstand the type of scrutiny afforded Posner? It seems that Posner found numerous conspiracy canards while researching his book and included many as footnotes. Here then is just a partial list of some of the conspiracy misrepresentations pointed out by Mr. Posner. The discriminating reader will need the revised 1994 LCS edition of the book for reference.


  1. He's Such a Nice Boy (p. 11) A discussion about the fact that many conspiracy authors try to ignore evidence of Oswald's violent tendencies.
  2. Denouncing Hartogs (p. 13) Critics are quick to condemn the fact that Renatus Hartogs admittedly overreached in describing his conclusions about Oswald's mental state to the WC and in his book. But the critics forget to mention what his original diagnosis really was.
  3. Bull's-eye (pp. 20-21) The critics try to diminish Oswald's shooting ability.
  4. U-2 (p. 22) Posner disputes a common conspiracy claim.
  5. I Believe I Shot Myself (p. 23) The Critics unfounded speculation about Oswald's self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  6. Not a Schrand of Evidence (p. 23) Posner discusses the speculation of author Anthony Summers.
  7. VD (p. 26) The critic's misreading of an innocuous entry in Oswald's military file is debunked.
  8. I Spy (p. 27) A brief but effective rebuttal of Oswald's alleged intelligence ties.
  9. Two (or three or four) Oswalds (pp. 27-28) Posner notes that despite the 1981 exhumation proving his identity, critics still speculate about multiple LHO's.
  10. A Thornley in Big Jim's Side (pp. 30-31) A look at how Jim Garrison and other conspiracy authors downplay the assertions of Kerry Thornley.
  11. Dear Diary (p. 50) Posner debunks Groden's claim that the Historic Diary is fake.
  12. 201 File (p. 52) Groden and Livingston vs. Posner on Oswald's file.
  13. Shop 25 (pp. 56-57) Posner refutes more claims of intelligence links to Oswald.
  14. You Can Go Home Again (p. 62) This footnote discusses the idea that Oswald should have had a more difficult time getting back to the US after his defection.
  15. 6 Weeks (p. 63) Posner debunks an Anthony Summers claim concerning Oswald's time in Moscow.
  16. Birth Certificate (p. 68) Posner catches Marrs repeating an old myth.
  17. Mister, Can You Spare $435.71? (p. 72) Posner vs. myths about Oswald's State Department loan.
  18. Halfway House (p. 73) Posner rebuts a minor assertion.
  19. Spas a Spy? (p. 74) Allegations about the Traveler's Aid representative.
  20. Don't Confuse Me With Facts (p. 81) Posner shows no evidence for a stark claim by Groden.
  21. Somebody Gave Me the Wrong Paper (p. 106) Posner puts the myth that the "Backyard Photos" show Oswald holding the wrong issues of his leftist newspapers to bed.
  22. The Hole in the Plate (p. 116) A discussion of the "license plate" issues regarding photos of the Walker house taken by Oswald.
  23. Are You Nuts George? (p. 118) A statement made by George DeMohrenshildt to Edward Epstein is addressed.
  24. What About Walker? (p. 118) Posner reports the critic's amnesia about the Walker affair.
  25. Dramatic License (p. 121) A minor misstep by Henry Hurt is debunked.
  26. Nightlife (p. 122) Posner delivers a reality check concerning allegations of Oswald's late-night escapades.
  27. Don't Lie to Me Jimmy G (p. 123) Posner catches one of the many fibs told by Garrison.
  28. Alba Nuts? (pp. 130-31) Posner uses information from his interview with Adrian Alba to cast doubt on some of his claims.
  29. Overnight Passport (p. 132) A discussion of the allegation that Oswald could not have received overnight processing of his passport.
  30. Camp Street or Bust (pp. 138-39) Posner shows the type of witnesses Big Jim relied on.
  31. A Really Heavy Witness (pp. 139-40) The credibility of Delphine Roberts is examined.
  32. Perry Russo (pp. 141-42) Garrison's star witness is exposed.
  33. Ferrie Fantasies (p. 142) Two often repeated rumors about David Ferrie are dismissed.
  34. Shave and a Haircut (p. 145) Problems with the testimony of Clinton witness Edward McGehee.
  35. Fake Fight? (p. 152) Posner addresses the Oswald vs. Bringuier battle.
  36. FBI Teletype (p. 155) Posner debunks the allegations of William Walter.
  37. Cuban Hangout (p. 166) A look at the allegations of Orest Pena.
  38. Just Say No to LSD (p. 167) Edward Gillin's allegations are addressed by Posner.
  39. Call 1-800-Miss Cleo (p. 172) Posner discusses the issue of foreknowledge.
  40. Back Door (p. 184) A discussion of how Oswald entered the Soviet Embassy.
  41. A Clipping Does Not a Photo Make (p. 187) A look at the issue of photos in Oswald's CIA file.
  42. Azcue Miscues (p. 189) Posner points out reasons the Cuban consol may be mistaken in certain areas.
  43. Job With a View (p. 202) The allegation that Oswald's job at the TSBD was arranged is discussed.
  44. A Sneaky Girl (p. 210) Posner explains why Hosty's plate number was in Oswald's address book.
  45. Hot Rod Ozzie (p. 211) Posner debunks the allegations of Albert Bogard.
  46. False ID (p. 213) A Discussion of the issue of Oswald sightings.
  47. Posner, Jim and Ollie (p. 216) The Hosty note is discussed.
  48. Don't Change My Parade (p. 219) Posner debunks one of the most enduring conspiracy fables.
  49. Simply Sylvia (p. 225) A few notions from a conspiracy icon are put to bed.
  50. Bonnie Ray (p. 227) When did a critical witness leave the sixth floor?
  51. Stand By Your Woman (p. 228) Posner explains why the story of Julia Mercer has been discredited.
  52. My Husband is Prone to Exaggerate (p. 230) Problems with the story of Arnold Rowland are examined.
  53. Selective Hearing (pp. 236-37) Posner shares some inside info on a conspiracy gathering.
  54. Three Wise Men (p. 241) The critics try to disparage the testimony of three men on the fifth floor.
  55. Whom Did You Tell? (pp. 247-48) Posner settles the issue of which officer took the Brennan information.
  56. Jean Hill Calling (p. 249) A telling anecdote about conspiracy favorite Jean Hill.
  57. The Invisible Assassin (p. 252) Posner points out some problems with the Grassy Knoll gunman.
  58. The Price is Wrong (p. 253) Problems with the assertions of Jesse Price.
  59. Don't Bother Me, I'm Working (p. 254) A look at problems with the story of Lee Bowers.
  60. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (p. 255) It seems Oliver Stone had trouble finding a "smoking gun".
  61. Hit the Dirt (p. 256) Posner clarifies a statement by Ralph Yarborough.
  62. Mr. Ed (p. 256) Posner discusses an Ed Hoffman allegation.
  63. Mr. Ed the Sequel (p. 257) Posner continues his look at Hoffman.
  64. Roger Mr. Craig (p. 257) Posner on the famous deputy.
  65. Earlene's Errors (p. 267) Statements by Earlene Roberts are refuted.
  66. Shell Shock (268) Posner corrects a couple misconceptions about key physical evidence.
  67. Tippit Murder (p. 272-73) In an extensive footnote, Posner refutes the idea that Oswald could not make it to the Tippit murder scene in time.
  68. A Carcano Does Not a Mauser Make (p. 270) Posner vs. the critics on the identity of the gun.
  69. Domingo Benavides (p. 274) Posner corrects the record on this important witness.
  70. Quality of Witnesses (p. 276) A discussion of what type of witness is often embraced by CT's.
  71. Earth to Dr. Crenshaw (p. 280) Posner rebuts the good doctor on the Oswald arrest.
  72. Anson Fantasy (p. 280) Posner catches Robert Anson in a whopper.
  73. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (p. 297) Posner discuses the improbability of a stolen corpse.
  74. Brain Drain (p. 300) Issues concerning autopsy witness are discussed.
  75. Mr. Livingstone Don't Presume (p. 301-2) A misread of the x-rays by the authors of High Treason.
  76. Flap About the Flap (p. 309) A discussion of the possibility of a flap of skin being held while the back of the head autopsy photo was made.
  77. Chest Wound (p. 310) Jenkins disputes another High Treason claim.
  78. Trach Talk (p. 312) Perry vs. Crenshaw on the throat incision.
  79. Wecht in Wonderland (p. 313) Posner on Wecht's HSCA dissention.
  80. Back and to the Left (p. 314) A look at the work of John Lattimer.
  81. Back and to the Left 2 (pp. 314-15) More of the same.
  82. Failure is a Success (p. 316) Posner completely explains the Failure Analysis Associates evidence despite critics' claims that he has never done so.
  83. Willis Wailing? (321) Posner proves that Phil Willis didn't cause his daughter's Zapruder reaction.
  84. His Hat in His Hand (p. 330) A look at the issue of Connally retaining control of his Stetson.
  85. The Pristine Bullet (p. 335) Posner discusses the "magic bullet".
  86. 399 Planted? (p. 337) Posner dismisses the planting of the "magic bullet".
  87. There's a Bullet in My Femur (p. 337) Posner and Baden look at the issue of 399 striking the femur bone.
  88. You Have the Right to Remain Silent, We Have the Right Not to Tape (pp. 343-44) Posner and Bill Alexander discuss the issue of why no record of the Oswald interrogations was made.
  89. The Spy Camera (p. 344) Posner shows that a Minox camera belonged to Michael Paine instead of Oswald.
  90. Wax Works (349-49) The nitrate tests are discussed.
  91. Ruby and the Mob (p. 352) A minor point is refuted by Ruby's brother.
  92. Jack Ruby Calling (p. 364) Posner debunks false notions about Ruby's phone calls.
  93. Ruby Thursday (p. 366) Posner discuses the allegations concerning Ruby in Houston on Thursday.
  94. The Egyptian Lounge (p. 367) Posner debunks another Summers canard.
  95. Ruby and Oz (p. 368) A look at the evidence that Oswald and Ruby were acquainted.
  96. Jack, You're Too Obvious (p. 369) Posner on the speculation that Ruby worked hard to be noticed at the Dallas Morning News.
  97. Ruby Packing Heat (p. 378) Posner argues against a mob hit by Jack.
  98. LBJ on the Line (p. 396) Posner casts doubt on an LBJ-Crenshaw phone call.
  99. Rose Cheramie (p. 444) Posner debunks another sacred cow.
  100. Early Edition (pp. 466-67) Posner puts another one to bed: this time the Christchurch Star story made famous by the film JFK.


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