A Brother's Burden
Multi-part series by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette featuring an in-depth interview with Lee Harvey Oswald's brother Robert.

Attention To Details
Clint Bradford's excellent site has much to offer including the Zavada Report and essays concerning the authenticity of the Zapruder film that I found to be very well done. Clint also has the new Russian documents and other up to date JFK news at this recently-redesigned site.

Dave Reitzes-JFK Online
Dave Reitzes is one of the best and most prolific writers and researchers currently studying the JFK case. Dave's site has extensive information concerning the Garrison prosecution of Clay Shaw and the film JFK. I also strongly recommend the following articles by Dave located at John McAdams' site:

The La Fontaines' Twelve Steps to Conspiracy
Dave examines the major ascertions of Oswald Talked for accuracy.
Garrison Ripples
In this new addition to the "Oswald Talked" section at McAdams' site, Dave demonstrates how reliant the La Fontaines' theories are on Jim Garrison, and more importantly, debunks a number of Garrison factoids that have never been seriously addressed before.
More on Odio-Did Silvia Odio Lie?
Dave defends Silvia Odio against the charges of the La Fontaines, and also demonstrates a key weakness in the overall theory of their book, Oswald Talked.
Impeaching Clinton
In this article, Dave examines in depth the events surrounding the alleged Oswald-Ferrie-Shaw encounter in Clinton LA.
Who Speaks for Clay Shaw?
In this four-part series Dave takes a look at the evidence used by Garrison against the New Orleans businessman.
Davy Disappoints
Dave offers a critical review of Let Justice be Done by William Davy, a pro-Garrison author.
Patricia Lambert's False Witness: The Real Story of Jim Garrison's Investigation and Oliver Stone's Film JFK
Dave's review of False Witness.
NASA or NADA? -- Lee Oswald: Space Cadet
Discusses the myth that everyone who worked closely with LHO at Reily Coffee mysteriously landed a job at NASA immediately afterwards.
Tortured Connection: Phone Factoid
Dave tells how a certain ambiguous phone record has been used as evidence that David Ferrie had a clandestine relationship with Jack Ruby.
Fair Play for Clay Shaw
Dave's response to an article by Martin Shackelford that ran in Fair Play.

Gerald Posner Web Site
Home Page for journalist Posner of Case Closed fame. Features samples of his work along with promotional information.

Harvey and Lee
Jim Hargrove's site is a must see for those interested in the research of John Armstrong.

Jerry Organ
Jerry is regarded as one of the best assassination writers and researchers and has published several articles and a book (Groden's Grains). He is also a talented artist and showcases his work here.

A Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
Don't miss Jerry's fantastic bibliography perviously hosted here.

JFK Lancer
An organization dedicated to distributing research and information about the assassination. They offer Books, DVD's, Collectibles, documents, ect. and feature an annual "November in Dallas" conference show casing major researchers.

JFK Place
Deanie Richards offers a wealth of information here, but be prepared to do some digging to find it.

JFK Research
Features articles, books, photos, videos and other material from a conspiracy perspective.

Lee Harvey Oswald in Russia
An excellent site that features original research conducted by Peter Wronski in the former Soviet Union.

Real History Archives
Lisa Pease offers her controversial views on subjects such as the Oklahoma City bombing, TWA Flight 800, Waco, Watergate and others as well as the Kennedy killing.

The Academic JFK Assassination Web Site
Kenneth A. Rahn's Academic JFK Assassination Site. It takes its "academic" name from the fact that it attempts to approach the assassination in a way that is as scholarly, dignified, and rigorous as possible. Rahn is an expert in the field of neutron-activation analysis which helps prove the SBT.

The Assassination Web
Features information about COPA-The Coalition On Political Assassinations and offers The Electronic Assassinations Newsletter. This site devotes much of it's resources to criticism of Gerald Posner's Case Closed. Sells books and videos.

The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site
Len Osanic offers this site devoted to the research of Oliver Stone's "Mr. X". Has a very good audio section that features sound bytes from Stone, Garrison (including the famous Tonight Show interview) Oswald, Shaw, and Prouty himself.

The Mary Farrell Foundation
The Mary Ferrell Foundation (MFF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to truth and transparency in our government's response to national tragedies as well as encouraging the continued research of the controversial events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy and its subsequent investigations. At over half a million pages of documents, government reports, books, essays, and hours of multimedia, The MFF hosts the largest digital archive of information on the case and its larger historical context.

The Kennedy Assassination
Professor John McAdams, who teaches a course on the assassination at Marquette University, offers what is easily the most comprehensive and informative assassination site available. If you are new to the assassination, this is the place to start! The visitor will find extensive coverage on Dealey Plaza, The Single Bullet Theory, Oswald, The Garrison Investigation, Myths of the Assassination, Ruby and other important topics by the most knowledgeable authors around. McAdams also provides access to a newsgroup which he co-moderates. All in all, a must see for any researcher or student.

The John F. Kennedy Assassination Information Center
An important resource by Michael Russ. Features the Warren Report and HSCA volumes in addition to other useful information.

The Nook: An Investigation of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
J. W. Masland offers such features as the Warren and HSCA reports, a quiz and survey, and a Book Nook, which offers assassination titles in association with

Vince Palamara's Secret Service and General Research Files
Palamara's archive at JFK Place.

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