L. Fletcher Prouty -- expert on conspiracies, assassinations, and more.

L. Fletcher Prouty

Is he telling the hidden truth, or a bunch of tall tales?

The distinguished looking man in the picture on the left is Leroy Fletcher Prouty, former Air Force officer and Pentagon staffer. He is one of the favorite people of conspiracy-oriented publications and Internet sites.

His background would suggest that he can give a useful and reliable "insiders" account of governmental goings-on. He should know where the bodies are buried. He should know about the deeds and misdeeds of people in power.

Unfortunately, he has a record of making statements that sound plausible but that don't hold up when compared to the historical record. And he has a record of associations with crackpotish and unsavory groups.

Prouty and the JFK assassination

Prouty and Geopolitics

Unsavory Associations

Do these unsavory associations suggest that Prouty is a racist or anti-Semite? Probably not. He seems, rather, to be someone fringe types come to for support, and who is accommodating when he ought to keep his distance.

Get the Pro-Prouty View

Chief among the Prouty admirers on the Internet is Len Osanic, who manages a web site devoted to Prouty and his works.

Prouty's book JFK : The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy is a good read, and you've been warned that skepticism is in order. Click here to purchase.

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