All Inclusive Assassination Sites

Site Link Description
The Kennedy Assassination Home Page A well-designed site in support of the "official version," including many articles and links.
JFK/Lancer The premier conspiracy-oriented JFK site, with a great variety of articles, suggestions for students, and a terrific mail-order service.
Deanie Richards' JFK Place Deanie's Gopher site has the text of most of the House Committee volumes, along with many resources and articles from various perspectives.
Attention to Details Clint Bradford's site has hundreds of conspiracy-oriented articles and documents, mostly in zipped files to download. You can also find comprehensive coverage of the Zavada Report on the Zapruder film, a chat room and more.
Ralph Schuster's JFK Assassination Home Page Here you can find the complete Warren Report and a great deal of actual Warren Commission testimony, as well as other resources Ralph has made available.
Coup d'Etat in America A. J. Weberman remains the most prominent advocate of the "three tramps" theory, but his site contains much more than that, including literally thousands of pages of outstanding research.
The Nook of Eclectic Inquiry A site with numerous research aids, as well as a number of assassination-related documents.
JFK/Deep Politics QuarterlyFeatures a number of excellent free articles from Walt Brown's quarterly journal.
Real History Archives Lisa Pease is strongly pro conspiracy and has many articles and Links.
JFK Dave Reitzes JFK site, with eyewitness statements, testimony from the Clay Shaw trial, articles and more.
The Puzzle Palace Anthony Marsh's site with articles documents and other resources
Political Science Seminar: The JFK AssassinationThe Web site for Kenneth Rahn's University of Rhode Island course on the assassination, including a variety of the reading materials for the course.
The Lee Harvey Oswald Research Site Tracy Parnell's site, with articles and resources on both sides of the conspiracy argument, with several articles critiquing John Armstrong's theory.
The Vince Palamara Webpages A great deal of research on the Secret Service, the medical evidence, and more.
Deanie Richards' Vince Palamara Archive More articles from the prolific Palamara.
Fair Play A bi-monthly, conspiracy-oriented Newsletter
Texas Monthly's JFK: Dealey Plaza Revisited The assassination basics.
JFK Resources Online Features a variety of articles and links on the assassination as well as the Kennedy presidency.
JFKLINK An Australian site with a few articles and other resources, including diagrams of alleged "links" between suspects and/or witnesses.
The JFK Network Various resources, photos, articles, links, etc.
Probable Cause Online Many online articles from a now defunct Australian journal.
Murder in the Streets Conspiracy-oriented articles.
The Assassination Web The premier anti-Posner Web site, with some articles that cover other topics as well.
JFK Assassination Revelations C. C. Wallace's conspiracy page.
Kennedy and Beyond Richard Vizzuti's conspiracy site, featuring theories on the "three tramps" and more.
Michael Griffith's JFK Home Page A number of pro-conspiracy articles.
Dave Perry's JFK Assassination Pages A number of excellent articles on the research community and several notorious conspiracy hoaxes.
The Case for the Lone Nut John Locke tackles Frequently Asked Questions from the point of view that Lee Harvey Oswald was JFK's lone assassin.

Specific Topic Sites

Site Link Description
JFK's head Wound Various pages related To JFK's head wound by Paul Seaton.
Gordon Winslow's Cuban Archives A variety of articles and resources related to the assassination's alleged "Cuban connection."
The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site A site dedicated to the real-life inspiration for "X," JFK's behind-the-scenes mystery man. Features Real Audio clips of Prouty as well as the man who served as Stone's protagonist, Jim Garrison himself.
Stretcher Bullet Pictures Photos and discussion of the bullet that allegedly struck JFK and Governor John Connally.
Photographic Analysis of CE 399 Photos and discussion of the bullet that allegedly struck JFK and Governor John Connally.
The Houston Chronicle: JFK 35th Anniversary A Texas publication looks back at the assassination.
The Sniper's Perspective The home page for researcher-author Craig Roberts.
A Brother's Burden A rare interview with Robert Oswald.
The Dealey Plaza Remote Observatory See Dealey Plaza from the point of view of key witnesses in this computer simulation.
The Posner File The Web site for the author of Case Closed, featuring a handful of articles.
Case Closed? Russ Paielli's critique of Posner's bestselling book.
The Scene of the Crime Greg Jaynes' site, featuring numerous photos of interest.
Assassination Science Jim Fetzer's site, with some pro-conspiracy articles and Posner critiques.
"JFKMURDER.COM: The Official Robert Groden Home Page" Information on ordering books and videos from this longtime researcher.
"Harvey and Lee" A site dedicated to John Armstrong's theory of a Lee Harvey Oswald impostor.
Dealey Plaza Virtual Visitor Visit a virtual Dealey Plaza with your Quicktime viewer.
Time and Again: JFK-Dallas Explore Dealey Plaza in Surround Video.
Kennedy Assassination Research Jerry McLeer's conspiracy-oriented site.
Probe Magazine A site with numerous articles from an extreme conspiracy point of view.
JFK Assassination Resources Dale Myers' site has information on his video Secrets of a Homicide and his book With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J. D. Tippit, as well as an article or two.
The Truth Is Redacted A pro conspiracy site supporting Ray and Mary La Fontaine's Oswald Talked
JFK: A New Perspective Ron Hepler's pro-conspiracy research.
The Kennedy Assassination A discussion of the evidence from a moderately pro-Warren Commission point of view.
JFK Assassination Some interesting articles from Grover Proctor.
JFK Scholars Page A handful of articles from journalist Art Kevin.
The Men on the Sixth Floor A site with information on conspiracy theories involving LBJ crony Billie Sol Estes.
JFK Educational Research Information on obtaining video resources from longtime conspiracy researcher Jack White.
The JFK Sounds and Video Page Audio and video clips relating to JFK's career, presidency and assassination.
The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza General information on the museum and related topics.
JFK Assassination: Conspiracy or Not? A site devoted to the "Badgeman" image claimed by some to be a grassy knoll gunman in Mary Moorman's Polaroid photo of the assassination.
My Online Trip to Dallas A visit to Dealey Plaza in words and pictures.
JFK Assassination Radio News Broadcast An audio clip of assassination coverage.
The Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald Hear the murder of the accused assassin as it happened.
Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board Release the files! the American people cried. Read about what resulted.
The Kennedy Assassination in the Age of Open Secrets The Review Board's Kermit Hall speaks about government secrecy.
Death of JFK Homepage Photos, articles, sound files and more.
The Men Who Killed President John F. Kennedy A conspiracy-oriented site with some photographs and other resources.
The Lonegunwoman A conspiracy-oriented site with a number of photographs and several articles and resources.
Lee Harvey Oswald Photo Gallery A batch of photos of the accused assassin.
DiNardo Website Includes numerous transcripts of interviews with prominent authors of assassination-related books.
CrimeBeat: Crime Fighters Hall of Fame A brief article on Officer Maurice N. "Nick" McDonald, the policeman who arrested Oswald.
The John F. Kennedy Library Home Page Many information resources on our 35th President.
JFK Assassination Home Page A case for conspiracy.
Archives: Peter Dale Scott An interview with the author of Deep Politics and the Death of JFK.
Dealey Plaza UK A British site with some research articles of widely varying quality.
JFK Assassination The Web site of Julie Jackson, daughter of assassination eyewitnesses Mr. and Mrs. Jack Franzen.
Denis Morissette's JFK Page A number of interesting items from Denis' collection, including goverment documents and Denis' personal correspondence with assassination-related figures.
Dark Corners Allan Eaglesham's Web site, including information on the death of Bethesda employee William Bruce Pitzer.
The Smoking Gun: A Dark Day in Dallas Documents, press coverage of the assassination and more.
The Konformist -- Justice for JFK Is Robert Morningstar a genius or a crackpot? You decide.
Sam's Home Page Another site in a Robert Morningstar vein.
JFK Research Assassination Forum Info on fringe conspiracy theories, a photo gallery, a message board and more.
The JFK Zone A variety of links and resources.
City of Dallas Archives: John F. Kennedy Collection Documents on the assassination, many available for viewing online.
Les Duffy's JFK Assassination Information Site Photos and other resources.
JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SS100X A whole site on JFK's limo.
Larry Charbonneau's JFK links JFK links, photos and sounds files.
The Paper Trail Articles on the assassination and many other subjects.
The Jonestown, Guyana Tragedy Conspiracy theorist Mark Lane's adventures in the service of Jim Jones.
JFK Assassination Research of Steve Osborn Conspiracy-oriented info on James Earl Ray, the CIA and more.
Carcano Homepage All sorts of information the assassination rifle.
Oswald's Intelligence Connections Some articles and documents relating to Oswald's alleged career as a spy.
John F. Kennedy Memorial Page All sorts of information on JFK, the assassination, Jackie, RFK, and related topics.
Debunking the Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theories Addresses the theory that JFK was killed because he threatened the Fed.
Real Answers Info on the book from former HSCA staffer Gary Cornwell.
The Site of Bruce Campbell Adamson Campbell traces the conspirators through their family histories.
Square Peg for a Round Hole Conspiracy information drawn from the book of that title.
Noel Twyman: Bloody Treason Info on the book of that title, plus updates, corrections and more.
JFK: The Exhibit Information on the Florida International Museum's JFK Exhibit.
Hypnosis Institute of Texas An advertisement for a videotaped interview with assassination eyewitness Marilyn Sitzman (Abraham Zapruder's secretary).
JFK Murder Solved Read about James Files, the latest in a long line of conspirators to "confess."
The President John F. Kennedy Records Collection How to search for and order documents from the National Archives.
Assassination of JFK and the Warren Report Fraud Info on a book of that title.
Alternative Reconstruction of the JFK Assassination An advertisement for a book that postulates that JFK's limo was rigged with an arsenal of guns.
The Long Fifties A personal essay on the assassination by Gail M. Feldman.

Link sites

Site Link Description
John F. Kennedy Links PageJFK Links
JFK Assassination LinksJFK Links
Kennedy Assassination Links JFK Links

Not Primarily JFK Asassination Sites

Site Link Description
JFK Anniversary JFK-related audio clips.
JFK PapersDozens of research reports on the life & Assassination of JFK.
JFK, 35th President of the United States Many JFK audio clips.
The LBJ Tapes Audio clips of LBJ, including discussions on the Warren Commission.
Gonzo Links A variety of links related to assassinations, conspiracies and various fringe topics.
Intelligence community A site which gives the background on the intelligence community
Intelligence on the Web Many links related to the sinister world of espionage and covert operations.
John F. Kennedy Executive Orders An archive of the Executive Orders JFK signed.
memory website A good site concerning the reliability of memory
Text Files A number of conspiracy-oriented text files for downloading, some on JFK, many on other subjects.
The Last Hurrah Bookshop A good place to look for that hard-to-find book or periodical.

Lighthearted Sites

Site Link Description
The Ten Wackiest Kennedy Conspiracy Theories Obviously this site doesn't take certain theories too seriously, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Gamma LeverVision Basically a joke site, but with a few interesting audio clips.
Joe Pesci Home Page: JFK Sound files from the actor who portrayed David Ferrie in Oliver Stone's movie JFK.
Elvis Killed Kennedy!!! He weren't Nothin' but a Hound Dog.