March 26, 1964
SUBJECT: Mexico - CIA Dissemination of Information on Lee Harvey Oswald on March 24, 1964

The CIA directed a memorandum to J. Lee Rankin (Commission Document No. 631) in which it set forth the disseminatiorI of the information on Lee Harvey Oswald. realize that this memorandum is only a partial answer to our inquiry to the CIA dated March 16, 1964 and I hope that the complete answers will give us the additional information we requested. We would like to know Just when got the information with respect to Lee Harvey Oswald and what was the information and how was it obtained. How did the information Set from Mexico to the CIA in Washington, and in what form did it come? At what the information that the Lee Harvey Oswald was probably the Lee Harvey Oswald who had defected and was married to a Russian developed so that when the telegram went from the CIA in Washington to the various agencies it contained such information. In other words, I would like to know whether this was information available in Mexico or did. this additional information get in the message only after it reached Washington and the information was being disseminated to the various agencies. As you know, we are still trying to get an explanation of the photograph which the FBI showed Marguerite Oswald soon after the assassination. I hope that paragraph 4 of the memorandum of March 4, 1964 sent Mr. Rankin by the CIA is not the answer which the CIA intends to give us as to this inquiry. We should also determine why the Navy never furnished the CIA with copies of the most recent photographs of Oswald.