Select Committee on Assassinations U.S. House of Representatives 3331 House Office Building, Annex 2 Washington, D.C. 20515
Attention: Jim McDonald
Dear Mr. McDonald:
Enclosed are expenses incurred during my trip to Chicago to have my deposition taken.
Total miles driven to Chicago and return to Detroit: 600 miles
Motel: one night $25.00
Telephone calls - attached 12.11
Food ?
Regarding telegram alledged sent to Cuba in 1962. I checked with post-office here and learned that there are six Cubas in the U.S. and now I'm sure that the telegram in question was sent to a Cuba here in the U.S. and not to Havana Cuba or any other place in Cuba.
I therefore must go on record as stating that at no time did I ever send a telegram to Havana Cuba or any place in Cuba.
There is a Cuba in each of the following states: Alabama Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, New York and Ohio. I ordered the record, "The Controversy" which is about the Kennedy assassination and soon as I receive it, I'll send same to you.
Earl Ruby
18135 Livernois Ave.
Detroit, MI. 48221
Tel: 313-863-0400