Jake Lansky was in Cuba from May 22, 1956.

Dino Vicente Cellini lived in Cuba from 1947. He was detained at Tresconia Camp in 1959. According to data obtained in those years he has or had a sister working as a typist in the White House who solicited the aid of Senator George Smathers of Florida to get Cellini out of Cuba.

From public sources we learned that George Smathers informed the Cellini family that he had spoken to Narcotics Commissioner Anslinger who told him that his office had no derogatory information on Cellini.

In June 1959, according to our files, the Cuban Government received a letter from the North American Consulate in Havana which expressed that there were arrest warrants for Jake Lansky and Dino Cellini in the U.S. Both were freed. Both left Cuba subsequently but the exact departure date is not known.

Santo Trafficante left Tresconia in August 1959. We know he left Cuba a few days after that. Unfortunately, we have found no documents exact date of departure.

Lucien Rievard was devoted to drug trafficking. The Cuban government does not know when he entered or departed Cuba.

Guiseppe di Georgio -- The Cuban Government knows that he appeared in Havana in June 1958 using a passport with the name Pierre Canavese. We do not-knew what date he left Cuba.

Charles Tourine, Jr., was know as Charles del Monico and Charles White. He was closely associated to his father, Charles Tourine, aka Charles White and Charles (the Blade). He entered Cuba on February 20, 1958. The Cuban Government does not know when he left Cuba. He wasinvolved in gambling and drug trafficking.

In the cases of Charles Tourine, Jr., and Lucien Rievard, both werethrown out of Cuba in 1959. The Cuban Governemnt could not determine the exact dates of departure.

Joseph Merola.- The Cuban government does-not know when he entered or left Cuba. During Batista's dictatorship he was closely associated to Roberto Fernandez Miranda {who was the brother-in-law of Batista) in a machine installation business throughout Cuba.

Henry Saavedra entered Cuba on February 10, 1957. He was freed the same day as Santo Trafficante. The Cuban Government does not know when he left Cuba.

Babe Baron -- The Cuban Government has no records on this individual. Further investigation is in progress.

Charles del Monico is Charles Tourine, Jr. In our files we have no record that Charles Tourine, Sr., was ever in Cuba.