La Cosa Nostra File January, 1962 Sam Giancana and John D'Arco, (Sam's political henchman), discuss the fact that Mayor Daley wants to put a former F.B.I. man named Spencer in as a candidate for Sheriff of Cook County on the Democratic ticket against Ogilvie, the Republican candidate. Giancana: (of Spencer) He's like Kennedy, he'll get what he wants out of you, but you won't get anything out of him. Tells D'Arco that it may have been a tactical error for him to have let his antipathy toward spencer made known. D'Arco: I had to Moe, I was desperate. You told me to get the guy out. You gave me a (obscene) order. Giancana: Well, the Mayor ..... D'Arco: Well, this guy (Daley) is the Almighty. As powerful as you are with us, he's as powerful with them. You say, 'Do this'! What the (obscene), we don't even ask 'Why?' we just do it, right? It's the same thing with him (Daley). When you gave me that order to get him off, I got desperate. Giancana: Well, it's happened, so there's nothing you can do about it. Well, as far as the city is concerned we're out, and as far as the county is concerned, we're out, so it looks like we'll just have to go into Indiana and run this thing from Hammond. We'll put up whorehouses and everything else.