N.Y.C. Police Department Intelligence Bulletin #10 June 7, 1963 An analysis of police intelligence work. A conversation between 2 Brooklyn hoodlums. They curse the police. "They know a lot...they know everything. They put everything together, lots of things. Where we take it for granted it don't mean nothing. "These people (the police) have been gathering and gathering. They go here! They go there: See, before it was a different story. If you had the locals, they knew the information, but they kept it for themselves. Today, they are all working together. We got a big problem. "These people are united. Everything they collect, they concentrate. And now everything goes into one office. Before, every squad kept the information for themselves. You take this cop on the corner, you've been paying him for 20 years, maybe. They get the information. Someone comes in from New York and asks if he knows so and so. 'Oh, he's a bookmaker'. And you've been paying him for 20 years!!! That's the condition you got today".