F.B.I. electronic surveillance in the residence of Charles Costello in Florida. Costello is a relative and associate of Angelo Bruno, L.C.N. leader in Philadelphia, Penna. Bruno is a frequent winter visitor to this residence. Oct. 24, 1963 Madeline (Mrs. Charles) Costello in conversation with Unidentified .Male. Madeline: "I won't talk in this house, that's the way things are, alright? I want to talk, I'll take a walk outside. You know there's got to be something in this house". Continues, saying the house is vacant so much there is ample time and opportunity for installation of a "mike". She has expressed similar thoughts in the past. Madeline:"I'll tell you the things they are doing to that man (Angelo Bruno) are awful, just terrible .... " U.M. "They are crucifying him."