1963 Elsur on Santo Trafficante in a Miami restaurant. Trafficante: "Let me tell you this. This is what happens to me. Now, I don't give a (obscene) about the S. & G. I know when I'm beat, you understand? "I got a numbers office in Orlando. They grab everybody, forty or fifty people. Forty or fifty thousand in bond. They have no evidence, but when they get through it costs thousands. "I got another office in St. Cloud, Florida. You can't even find St. Cloud on the (obscene) map, but the (obscene) 'G' found it. "Kennedy's right-hand man, he goes through the (obscene) nigger town. Must have been 2,000 niggers, and makes a (obscene) big raid over there. "Just a start, any (obscene) place that they found a phone connection in there from Tampa......."