2. On February 8, 1962, Angelo Bruno and Willie Weisburg discussed the Kennedys. Angelo Bruno at that time was the leader of organized crime in the city of Philadelphia. Bruno was also a member of the Commission. Weisburg is a business associate of Bruno's. Weisburg is complaining about the FBI and the Kennedys. Weisburg:See what Kennedy done. With Kennedy, a guy should take a knife, like one of them other guys, and stab and kill the (obscenity), where he is now. Somebody should kill the (obscenity). I mean it. This is true.Honest to God. It's about time to go. But I tell you something. I hope I get a week's notice. I'll kill. Right in the (obscenity) in the White House. Somebody's got to get rid of this (obscenity). Bruno responds to Weisburg's statements with the following story: "Look, Willie, do you see there was a King, do you understandAnd he found out that everybody was saying that he was a bad king. This is an old Italian story. So, there was an old wise woman about 140 years old. So, he figured. Let me go talk to the old wise woman. She knows everything. So he went to the old wise woman. So he says to her. I came here because I want your opinion. He says, do you think I'm a bad king. She says, no, I think you are a good king. He says, well how come everybody says I'm a bad king? She says because they are stupid. They don't know. He says, well how come, why do you say I'm a good king. Well, she said, I knew your great grandfather. He was a bad king. I knew your grandfather- He was worse. I knew your father. He was worse than them. You, you are worse than all of them, but your son, if you die, your son is going to be worse than you. So it's better to be with you. (All laugh) So Brownell (former Attorney General) was bad. He was no (obscenity) good. He was this and that.
Weisburg:Do you know what this man is going to do? He ain't going to leave nobody alone.
Bruno: I know he ain't. But you see, everybody in there was bad. The other guy was good because the other guy was worse. Do you understand? Brownell came. He was no good. He was worse than the guy before.
Weisburg: Not like this one.
Bruno:Not like this one. This one is worse. Right? If something happens to this guy. (Laughs)
Weisburg: Let me tell you something. The FBI always hated the IR. Always. The IR never checked with the Treasury men. They went separate ways. They wouldn't give each other information. They wanted the credit themselves. He made it with local authorities. He made it ring-around-the rosy, pal.
Bruno: Oh, yeah. This guy is an accountant, see. So, now, he had to do something worse. So what? He started to think, what can I do more than the other guy. The other guy made the anti-racketeering law, gambling laws, he did this and he did that. What can I do. He says, I know what I can do. Anybody that has a record that is police property,when he gets pinched, no bail. (Bruno then compares the Italian process of not allowing bail and incarcerating individuals until proven innocent.)
Weisburg: It's still America, though.
Bruno:So, it's still America. They are trying to pass a Federal law that you can't take the Fifth (amendment). When they grant you immunity you can't take the Fifth.
Weisburg: They are not going to pass that law.
Bruno: But they might.