4. On February 17, 1962, the following conversation was held between Angelo Bruno, previously identified as a. Commission member and leader of the Philadelphia family, and Mario -Maggio, and Peter Maggio. The latter two individuals are in-laws and associates of Bruno's.

Maggio:.Kennedy is going to leave, they are going to make him a special assistant (to the President) out of him. They want him out of the way, he is too much, he is starting to hurt too many people, like unions. He is not only hurting the racket guys, but others, anti-trust...I think that he is going to leave. But the only reason he won't leave, which I heard before, you see he wants Edgar Hoover out of that.
Bruno: Edgar Hoover.
Maggio: He wants Edgar Hoover out of the FBI-because he is a fairy, you know he is a fairy, I heard this before.
Bruno: Who?
Maggio: Edgar Hoover is a fairy.
Bruno: Who would ever listen to that bullshit.
Maggio: Listen to this. Edgar Hoover is not married and neither is his assistant, read back in his history.
Bruno: His assistant?
Maggio: I heard a story about Kennedy being a fairy.
Maggio then relates a story about a Boston newspaper talking about Kennedy going to a party dressed as a girl and concludes, "I can't see Kennedy getting out of this job, I told Paul. They are going to make this a family affair and he wants to be President."