6. On May 2, 1962 two New York LCN members, Sal Profaci and Michelino Clements, and a third unidentified individual named Bob, had the following conversation:

Clemente: "Bob Kennedy won't stop today until he puts us all in Jail all over the country. Until the Commission meets and puts its foot down, things will be at a standstill. When we meet, we all got to shake hands, and sit down and talk, and, if there is any trouble with a particular regime, it's got to be kept secret, and only the heads are to know about it, otherwise some broad finds out, and finally the newspapers."

Later in the conversation, Clemente states that things are not like they were years ago, when the Commission would meet once a month, and there were no cops around to spy on them. Clemente stated that today, in order to have a meeting, you have to tell each one individually about the meeting, without letting them know who else will be present, or what the meeting is going to be about, so that there will be no chance of any information leaking out.