October 23, 1962 Pat Marcy, John D'Arco and Congressman Roland Libonati Libonati gave them a Cuba-China-India war briefing. Indicates he doesn't even know who is running against him because any opposition is laughable. "Last time, you guys built me up to 98,000 votes and the other guy got 23,000. Who ran against me last time?" His Republican opponent in the current election will be Joseph D. Day.

Libonati on Robert F. Kennedy: "I killed six of his bills. That wiretapping bill, the intimidating informers bill ...." Libonati thinks that John Kennedy is a sweetheart, but Robert F. Kennedy is cruel. Libonati describes how he opposed a Robert Kennedy bill and then got a call from Mayor Daley. Libonati told John F. Kennedy to stop Robert Kennedy from calling Daley on such matters. Bobby said on TV that his brother wants him to stay out of politics because he is the Attorney General. Libonati takes credit for this, saying, "That was me."