Chicago Div. FBI Elsur October 14, 1963 Sam Giancana, Charles "Chuck" English, Tony Accardo and Butch Blasi are present. They discuss Robert Kennedy not being available for a Columbus Day Parade, but coming to Chicago on October 13th for a B'nai B'rith affair. The Jews downtown were beaming. Discuss the Bobby Baker scandal. He just resigned his job; they didn't do anything to him. He must have come out with a ton of money. Discuss Police Superintendent O.W. Wilson's chart (presented before the McClellan Committee at the Valachi Hearings) "On top he had an Italian organization."' Joe Glimco (an associate) appeared on CITY DESK a Sunday media talk show and said that if they checked out Police Superintendent O.W. Wilson as thoroughly as they have checked Glimco, Wilson would be in jail, and Bobby Kennedy too!! Chuck English speaks of the possibility of the Teamsters Union going back into the AFL. It would hurt Kennedy if they were to take Hoffa back. They discuss golf. Someone asks if Bobby Kennedy plays golf, they know that John Kennedy does. Suggest putting a bomb in his golf bag. (They all laugh.)