F.B.I. Elsur on James Lanza, leader of the L.C.N. Family in San Francisco. August 12, 1963. Lanza is in discussion with an associate Vito Bruno.

V.B.:- Talks about reading of Cosa Nostra in the paper. Br>Lanza: Yeah, this guy Joe Valachi is the guy who is telling about it.
V.B.:--- Cosa Nostra. Cosa Nostra.
Lanza: This guy is in jail. Vito Genovese is in jail too. This guy gave information to the federals. He attacked a man with a rock and killed him, and the prison officials didn't know why he killed him. Anyway, this guy thought the Mafia, the Cosa Nostra had sent the guy in to kill him. This thing has come out now in the papers but he has been telling about it for the past year.
V.B. They know everything.
Lanza: Yeah.