N.Y.C. Police Dept. Elsur on John Masiello (Masiello has since been convicted of defrauding the U.S. government when he was a contractor to deliver the U.S. mail. He later testified against Congressman Frank Brasco when that worthy was convicted of acceptingbribes from Masiello).

Sept. 27, 1963. John Masiello and his close associate Anthony "Hickey" DiLorenzo are talking about Joseph Valachi's testimony. Masiello is upset because Valachi mentioned the secret code. DiLorenzo believes Valachi is going to scramble up a lot of people because he is speaking so freely. Says that Steve Buffalo, one of the names mentioned, is a friend of theirs.

Masiello: He is going to make it hot for everybody.
DiLorenzo:They (Law enforcement) are going to harass people and are definitely going to try to pass that wire tapping law. If they ever get that law passed, forget about it. They probably have miles of tape that they put together. They'll say well, this is what we got, then they'll start indicting guys.
Masiello: It isn't a free country anymore.

Oct. 4, 1963 Al Chieco asks John Masiello if he is going to be sucked into this Valachi testimony, and if he knew Valachi. Masiello states he knew Valachi but will not be sucked into anything. Chieco suggests Valachi should have been killed years ago, for having an affair with his sister-in-law Masiello says it is bad enough he mentions all those names but he should not have mentioned how a guy is made, how a guy is proposed, because those are things you die with. They both hope that Valachi cracks up because then everything can be charged off to his insanity.