Oct. 1, 1963. Listening to Joseph Valachi's testimony on T.V. F.B.I. Florida Elsur in restaurant operated by Vincent James Palmisano, alias Jimmy Dee. Palmisano states facetiously that they should go to the Army-Navy store and buy up all the Italian and American flags they can find and put them around the restaurant to counteract slurs on Italians.

Discuss the present administration, saying it is setting up a Nazi type government, seizing control of television and radio stations. Discuss Sam Giancana's association with Frank Sinatra.
Palmisano: "Robert F. Kennedy will never get ALL the bookmakers. Valachi is living like a king, he has his own army. They are probably furnishing him his own woman".

Oct. 7, 1963 Jimmy Dee says, "There's going to be a lot of killings as a result of this-hearing".