Presidential Assassination

Date: November 22, 1963

Mr. Decker:

At approx. 1pm date I was in front of the Sheriffs Office at 505 Main St Dallas Texas when I heard three shots coming from the vicinity of where the Presidents car was, I raced across the street (Main & Houston). The Presidential car and other cars were turning onto Stemmons Fwy. Some of the bystanders said the shots came from the overpass. I ran across the street (Elm) and up the imbankment over the retaining wall and into the freight yard and was unable to locate anything. I did however locate one (1) witness H. W. Betzner w/m 5922 Velasco Dr. phone TA-1-9761. He had taken some photos just prior to the shots(35mm film) Betzner was taken by me to the Sheriffs office for a statement. I took the camera and film to ID and had the film developed. Betzner had three (3) pictures just seconds prior to the rifle shots. The camera and negatives were returned to Betzner. The three (3) pictures were retained by me. Officer Homer Reynolds DPD obtained a statement from Betzner. The glossy prints of the pictures were turned over to Officer Reynolds to be placed with Betzners statement.

After I had left the film in Id, I got a battery powered light and went over to the Texas School Book Depository to help with the search of building. I proceeded to the sixth (6th) floor of the building to search for the rifle. I started on the east end of the building and worked my way to the west end of the building. In the northwest corner of the building approx. three (3) feet from the east wall of the stairwell and behind a row of cases of books I was the rifle, that appeared to be a 7.65mm Mauser with a telescopic site. The rifle had want appeared to be a brownish, black stock and blue steel, metal parts. Capt. Fritz DPD was called to this location and along with an ID man DPD took charge of the rifle. Officer Whitman of Robie Loves office was with me when I found the rifle it was 1:22pm by my watch. I then returned to the station.

[s]E. L. Boone
E. L. Boone 240 DSO