NOVEMBER 21, 1963:

I, Special Agent Kinney and Special Agent Hickey arrived Love Field in Dallas, Texas at 6:05 pm. We were on a Air Force plane C-130, #12373. Capt. Roland H. Thomason AC USAF. On board this cargo craft was the President's Limousine, 100-X and Secret Service car 679-X. Upon arrival, I was met by SAIC Forrest V. Sorrels (Dallas Field Office) and Special Agent Winston G. Lawson (White House Detail), that was doing the Dallas advance of the President's visit. I and SA Hickey proceeded to unload the two cars and were escorted to the garage that was located under the main terminal of the airport. The arrangements were made for over night security of cars and policemen from Dallas force were put on duty through the night. SAIC Sorrels, SA Lawson, SA Hickey and myself then proceeded to the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Dallas where reservations had been by SA Lawson. After checking in the hotel, we had changed clothes and at approximately. 8:30 pm, I met with SA Lawson, SA Hickey, Mr. Jack Puterbaugh and Warrant Officer Bales USA WHC. We then proceeded to dinner. On the way to dinner we stopped enroute at the place where President Kennedy was to luncheon on Nov. 22, 1963. We spent approximately. 30 min. checking the seating and speaking stands. After securing the Mart, we proceeded to have dinner. After dinner approximately. 2 hours, we then returned to the Sheraton Hotel and made our arrangements for the following day, Nov. 22, as to the time and place to meet for transportation to Love Field for the following days activities and turned to our rooms for the night.

NOVEMBER 22, 1963:
SA Hickey and I arose from our beds about 7:00 am. We dressed and packed our bags, then went down to the lobby and checked out of the hotel. We went to the coffee shop for our breakfast. At approximately. 8:00 am we went into the lobby to wait transportation to Love Field. At approximately. 8:30 am SAIC Sorrels picked SA Hickey and I up in front of the Sheraton hotel and we went to Love Field. We arrived there approximately. 9:00 am. SA Sorrels took us directly to the two cars with the understanding that he would be back at 11:00 am to escort the cars to their location for the President's arrival at 11:35 am.

SA Hickey and I proceeded with our duties of getting the two cars ready for the day, which consisted of cleaning, checking oil water and batteries. Then a security check. We had the tops down on both cars. It Lad rained all night and was raining when we arrived at the airport. I had on two occasions gone outside to check the weather. The last check at approximately. 10:30 am, the sky had cleared and that meant to us that the bubble-top would stay off.

At approximately. 11:00 am SA Sorrels came to the garage to escort SA Hickey and me to the location. At this time SA Hickey stayed with the two cars and I was helping SA Lawson and SA Sorrels line up the motorcade, placing the some ten cars that were to be used.

When the President arrived at approximately. 11:40 am I took my place behind the driver wheel in the follow-up car 679-X. After a few greetings by the President we proceeded on with the motorcade through downtown Dallas and on to the Shopping Mart where the President was to have lunch. We had gone about 30 to 40 min. and just made a right turn off Main St. and on block, a left turn onto Elm St. A five minute signal had been given to agents waiting at the Mart. r As we completed the left turn and on a short distance, there was a shot. At this time I glanced from the taillights of the President's car, that I use for gauging distances for driving. I saw the President lean toward the left and appeared to have grabbed his chest with his right hand. There was a second of pause and then two more shots were heard. Agent Clinton Hill jumped from the follow-up car and dashed to the aid of the President and First Lady in the President's car. I saw one shot strike the President in the right side of the head. The President then fell to the seat to the left toward Mrs. Kennedy. At this time I stepped on the siren and gas pedal at the same time. Agent Greer driving the President's car did the same. The lead car (ahead of the Pres. car) and motorcycles were told to go to the nearest hospital. The President's car and 679-X then proceeded to the hospital at a high rate of speed, taking approximately. 6 min. Upon arrival I jumped from my car and ran to the right rear of the President's car, where I assisted in removing Gov. Connally and the President.

After all had been removed from the President's car I opened the trunk of the car and put on the bubble-top and a canvas cover. This took approximately. 20 to 30 min. I asked for a motorcycle to escort the President's car and 679-X back to Love Field. We left promptly not stopping enroute to Love Field. On the way to the airport I called by radio to Maj. Nedbaugh, USAF to have C-130 crew at the plane with ramp down for loading of the two cars. This was carried and the cars were loaded and the plane secured, awaiting our orders to depart Love Field enroute to Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. The plane departed Love Field at 3:35 pm. We arrived AAFB, Md at 8:05 pm. We were met at AAFB by 4 or 5 agents from the Washington, Field Office and some 6 motorcycles. We were then escorted non-stop to the White House garage. After reaching the garage the cars were secured by an all night watch by White House Police and Secret Service agents, pending an investigation.

Statement made Nov. 30, 1963 By:


Samuel A. Kinney
Special Agent
White House Detail
U.S. Secret Service
Washington, D.C.

I was driving SS 679-X, follow-up. As we turned off Main Street (left) about 4 minutes from our destination of Trade Mart. The first shot was fired as we were going into an underpass. The first shot was fired, I glanced from the taillight of SS 100-X, at the President and it appeared that he had been shot because he slumped to the left. Immediately he sat up again.* At this time the second shot was fired and I observed hair flying from the right side of his head. With this, simultaneously with the President's car, we stepped on the gas. I released the siren at that time. I did hear three shots but do not recall which shots were those that hit the President.

*At this time Clint Hill jumped off and ran to the President's car, jumped on the back, and laid out across the trunk in a prone position where he rode the entire trip to the hospital.*

Pulling up parallel to the lead car, we were notified we were heading for the hospital, whereupon the motorcycle escort, the lead car, President's car and follow up proceeded to the hospital at a high rate of speed. We pulled into the emergency entrance of the hospital whereupon Gov. Connally was removed and then the President, and taken inside.

After this, maybe 15 or 20 minutes later, I put the bubble and canvas cover on the car, assisted by SA Hickey. Then under motorcycle escort, both cars proceeded to Love Field, whereupon I notified the crew to get the ramp down and we drove the cars onto the plane and secured them, awaiting departure.

Samuel A. Kinney
Special Agent
1 1-22-63