How to Study the Bible

This series of studies is designed to teach basic Bible study methods which anyone can use.  A new Christian should find it useful as a starting place as they explore about God.  But its main value is for mature Christians.  It is easy over the years to develop unconscious habits about how we study and consider what the Bible says.  These habits can cloud our thinking, causing us to ignore what God is saying.  It is the goal of these studies remind us of simple concepts that we need to use every time we read God's word.  My basic assumptions for these lessons are: Most of the initial lessons are divided into two parts: a self study and a discussion section.  The self study is NOT optional - it is the most important part.  First, the self study provides a number of scriptures where God discusses how his people are to study his word.  Second, the study process is designed to get you used to doing some simple steps which help you focus your attention on the message in the text.  Third, and most important, when you study the Bible you invite God to be your teacher.  Frankly, he does a better job than I do.

Last updated: 11-20-2002
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