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Homer Echevarria commented, "Everything you are telling me is a big lie or somebody is manufacturing something. That is a lie. Could somebody else be using my identity? I will take a lie detector test. I never worked for CIA. It is a bunch of lies. I never filled out a biographic data sheet. Mail me a copy." Homer Echevarria was mailed the relevant documents. He responded: "All you send me is a check that everybody gets when they want to be citizen besides the fact that when my father's name came up, he tried to give some information to the U.S. Government. Really, I stand by what I told you before." He was asked if he knew HEMMING: "Not really. No. That don't ring my memory bank. Let me put it this way. If I can be of any help, I would to be. But that name don't ring any memories in me. I might have met him, but I don't recall that. It was so many years ago my friend." In 1995 the CIA released 16 heavily deleted pages from Homer Echevarria's CIA file all generated in 1965. A Top Secret document SSS-53-265 on Homer Echevarria was filed in the Top Secret Safe in SR/OSR/BIO. [NARA 1994.04.26.09:23:43:250005]



        Richard Albert Lauchli of Collinsville, Illinois, was an arms dealer who had supplied Fidel in the late 1950's. Richard Lauchli was co-founder of the Minutemen in the St. Louis, Missouri, area until September 1962, when he parted company with Minutemen co-founder Robert DePugh. CIA Office of Security traces on him were heavily deleted. [Allen v. DOD CIA] The Minutemen was organized in June 1960 by right-wing paramilitarists whose goal was to become a partisan guerrilla force after the Soviets took over the United States. Minutemen literature furnished instructions in the use of explosives and also gave details for the making of explosive compounds from such readily accessible ingredients as a common fertilizer, ammonium nitrate. OSWALD wrote: "There have already been a few organizations who have declosed that they shall become effective only after conflict between the two world systems leaves the world country without defense or foundation of government, organizations such as the minutemen for instance...The armed groups will represent the remaining hard core of feninatical american capitalist suportors...there will allso be anarchist pacifist and quit probably fasist grou splinter groups however all these unlike the minute men and communite partesin groups, will be unarmed." [WCE 25 p14] He also wrote: "There are organizations already formed in the United States, who have declared they shall become effective only after the military debacle of the United States. Organizations such as the Minutemen...are simply preparing to redefend in their own back yards, a system which they take for granted will be defeated militarily elsewhere, a strange thing to hear from 'patriots.' These armed groups represent hard core American Capitalist supporter's. There will also be a small armed communist and probably fascist groups. There will also be anarchist and religious groups at work."

Richard Lauchli was a paratrooper in World War II, was fined $100 in 1957 for possessing firearms unlawfully transferred or made. In 1960 he was fined $500 for burglary of 23 bazookas. He was arrested at the Minutemen training session at Shiloh, Illinois, in 1961 but charges of illegal possession of weapons were dropped.

Richard Lauchli and Donald Sturgis were arrested after on May 19, 1964, after a high speed chase over country roads near Clinton, Illinois. Treasury agents who made the arrest set up a trap to buy a large supply of weapons in the name of South American revolutionaries. Posing as buyers, agents set up the sale and arranged to close the deal at a farm house near Clinton. Richard Lauchli and Donald Sturgis received $17,000 in marked bills.

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