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        In 1967 the CIA stated: "On this date copies of recent newspaper clippings with reference to the alleged involvement of William Guy Banister and his private detective agency in the current so-called 'New Orleans Kennedy Death Plot' which is under investigation by that city's District Attorney, were forwarded through channels tot he Chief/SRS, together with Security Files on each (Guy Banister #EE-28810 and Guy Banister Associates, Inc. #222918). It was noted that Banister was of interest to OO/C in 1960 (deleted) and that interest in the use of Guy Banister Associates as a cover mechanism in August 1960 was dropped upon receipt of an unfavorable report from the field." [CIA OS M.D. Stevens 3.8.67 CIA 1338-1052]




        On January 6, 1961, Guy Banister had formed the Friends of Democratic Cuba, a support group for the Cuban Revolutionary Front, and opened an office in the Balter Building, where the Cuban Revolutionary Front had offices.

The Articles of Incorporation of the Friends of Democratic Cuba were drafted by Grady Durham. Its purposes were: "To enlighten the people of the U.S.A. and free world of the evils and perils of the communist dictatorship in Cuba; to promote the cause of freedom from communist tyranny in Cuba; to assist Cuban refugees, those in exile, and other Cuban patriots to regroup and organize for the purpose of opposing communism in Cuba; to solicit for and obtain funds and contributions for these purposes and for the support of the Cuban Revolutionary Front, and to assist that organization in its aims and purposes of opposing communism in Cuba; to promote trade and commerce between the U.S.A. and Cuba; to defray all necessary expenses; and to buy, sell lease and obtain all necessary property, both real and personal, which might be necessary and all licenses, permits, exemptions and sanctions which might be necessary in conformity with the objectives stated herein...Signed June Durham, Grady Durham, W. Guy Banister, Alfred Chittenden and Martin L. McAuliffe, Jr." J.S. Martin, Sr. (Edward S. Suggs) witnessed the signing of this document.

The Friends of Democratic Cuba merged with the Cuban Revolutionary Front in January 1961. HUNT, who was the Chief Political Officer of the Cuban Revolutionary Front, would have had to have approved this merger. The CIA declared: "About one month after its organization, the Friends of Democratic Cuba closed..." At least one CIA document stated that Guy Banister was an FBI contact for the Cuban Revolutionary Front: "Two of Sergio Arcacha Smith's regular FBI contacts were a Mr. De Bruce [S.A. DeBRUEYS] and the deceased Guy Banister...Arcacha Smith was a member of Guy Banister's Friends of Democratic Cuba." The FBI reported: "Banister was also active in the Cuban Revolutionary Front, (Internal Security - Cuba) which information was furnished to the Bureau by LHM dated February 7, 1961." [CIA 1320-484, 1357-506, 1338-1052, 1363-501; HUNT Day p23, 63; FBI 62-22617-A, 62-22617-235, 244, 217, 224; 62-10386-3, 62-105198-5; HSCA V5 p129]



        On January 20, 1961, the FBI generated a report that was File #2-41, subject, FRANK ANTHONY STURGIS - Neutrality Matters. This file was withheld. On January 20, 1961, two members of Friends of Democratic Cuba attempted to purchase several pickup trucks from Oscar Deslatte of Bolton Ford. One of them used the name LEE OSWALD. The FBI reported: "On November 25, 1963, Mr. William A. Watson, Vice-President, Bolton Ford Company, New Orleans, telephonically advised his truck manager informed him that the Friends of Democratic Cuba had made a bid on a truck and that the bid was signed by OSWALD. Another name appeared on the bill and believed to be Joseph Moler. He stated all information would be available through his truck manager, Fred Sewell." [NARA 124-10248-10153]

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