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        Carl John Stanley was a self-ordained Archbishop of the Metropolitan Eastern Province of the American Orthodox Catholic Church. Carl Stanley issued false Certificates of Ordination, and had a long arrest record. In 1950 the New Orleans office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service tried to deport him. David Ferrie and Edward Suggs were Bishops in Stanley's Church. According to Carl Stanley " (whom the Louisville Police Department believes is a mentally unbalanced con-man) Suggs claimed to have carried out numerous police 'commissions.' Stanley said that he had indicated that it was his job to spy on other policemen; and while in Louisville, Kentucky, he had reportedly worked for Echo Blue, the publication of the Fraternal Order of Police." [CIA 1315-1050]

Suggs spied on Carl Stanley, for the Louisville Department of Education. The FBI reported that Edward Suggs had suggested Carl Stanley was involved in illegal activities including Fraud Against the Government. The FBI ultimately concluded both men were mentally ill. According to Carl Stanley, Edward Suggs said he had worked for the CIA. No documents supported this.



        Paul F. Gaynor and Newton S. Miler were concerned about the identity of "Jack S. Martin" identity and they had Marguerite D. Stevens of the Security Research Service of the Office of Security of the CIA make sure he wasn't identical with "James J. Martin," a former CIA Agent who was an alcoholic. [CIA 1315-1050; FBI LS 105-620 2.28.67, 105-82555-2.21.67; Memo Wood/Fensterwald 4.6.70; CIA 1357-506; FBI 62-109081] When M.D. Stevens searched for traces on Edward Stewart Suggs aka Jack S. Martin there were none.

In the early 1960's David Ferrie stated: "I consider Mr. Suggs mentally emotionally unstable. He has been in Charity Hospital with psychiatric bouts of one kind or another. I know him as a a man who is commonly spoken of as a ambivalent. He plays both sides of the street. Most of his conversation is spent telling you how he wants to torpedo somebody..." In November 1963 Edward Suggs was a candidate for public office in Louisiana.




        On the evening of November 22, 1963, Edward Suggs entered the office of Guy Banister. He wanted the files of Guy Banister that pertained to OSWALD. Guy Banister pistol-whipped him. Edward Suggs showed signs of a beating when the FBI questioned him. The FBI reported: "During the November 25, 1963, interview, it was evident that Suggs had recently suffered a severe physical beating. He said that W. Guy Banister had 'pistol-whipped' him, that Banister had been drinking, and that he would not press charges."

Edward Suggs told the HSCA: "On the same day of the phone call, November 22, 1963, he was drinking in the Katz and Jammer Bar with Guy Banister and they got into an argument. They went to Banister's office and, in the heat of the argument, Guy Banister said something and Martin replied 'What are you going to do -- kill me like you all did Kennedy?' Banister drew his .357 magnum and beat Martin in the head (which required medical attention, but not serious). When Martin was on the ground, Guy Banister pointed the gun at his head, and he believes Banister would have killed him. One of the secretaries, possibly Delphine Roberts, told Banister not to shoot him. A police report was made and Banister paid all of the medical bills. Martin dropped the charges." [HSCA interview with Suggs 12.5.77 L.J. Delsa]

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