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No Photographic Trickery Here...

UFO With today's technological advancements, it is extremely easy, with the proper software, to create almost anything of a graphic nature on your computer. This includes, of course, pictures and videos of UFOs. Just take a look around the Net at some of the video sites today, and you will see a number of these that look so real, that they are hard to spot, even to an experienced viewer. Because of this, many UFO investigators put much more weight on older, analog photographs which were taken by amateur buffs who didn't have the means to manipulate film. The type of technology required was extremely expensive for its time, and therefore cost prohibitive for the masses.

One excellent older photograph that gives UFO enthusiasts reason to cheer is the 1937 photograph taken in Vancouver, British Columbia. The intriguing shot was taken by Leonard Lamoureux as he was taking photos of a Christmas light display. The object, which streamed across the sky from left to right, and then hovered, was also witnessed by his brother Wilfred. Take a look at the 1937 Vancouver City Hall UFO and you will see not only the story of the Vancouver photograph, but some other very interesting early UFO artifacts. The site is run by my good friend and fellow researcher Dirk Vander Ploeg. He and I often share reports and stories, and I certainly wanted to share this one with you.
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Latest UFO Sightings

Hi folks, we have another week of sighting reports to look over, and this week, we have one from one of our readers in Pennsylvania.

California-12-02-The observer was videotaping an object from a bathroom window. The object had a contrail coming from it, and suddenly there was a bright flash in the sky. Moving his camera to the flash, he claims to have taken a photo of at least part of a black triangular object.

Indiana-12-10-A lady, along with her mother, was returning from a Christmas party, when she saw six orange lights in the sky. The lights were visible for about 20 seconds before fading. Then a single light appeared. It also soon vanished from sight.

12-08-Iowa-While watching television and eating a sandwich, observer noticed a green object in the night sky. Then two white lights shot out of it. The objects soon disappeared. The witness felt compelled to look outside at just the right time.

11-26-Ohio-A man, his wife, son, and two grandchildren were driving from Eaton to Dayton when his wife saw something unusual in the sky. The object was motionless. All of the passengers saw a star-like object which pulsed three different colors. The object was visible for an hour as they drove along. Later, when telling a neighbor about the sightings, witness found that neighbor had seen same object.

12-14-Pennsylvania-An reader filed this report with us. At about 4:00 AM, he saw a light in a neighbor's backyard. The light was moving around. It would stay stationary at times, and then move erratically. He sat on his porch, watching the light for a time. It had periodic flashes. When daybreak arrived, the light was gone.

That's going to do it for this week. I want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas, and Holiday season. I know you will all be busy this week, but don't forget to keep your eyes on the skies.

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Black Triangles... Man-made or ET?

The modern UFO era supposedly began in 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold reported sighting nine unknown objects over Mt. Ranier. The term "flying saucer" was actually a news reporter's take on Arnold's description of the objects being like saucers skipping across the sky. The conventional flying saucer shape was, for many years, described as being discoid, usually with a domed top. This "standard" has been used in countless movies and other media reference. This might be changing, however, as we now have a lot of reports of "orbs," "cylinder-shaped," "egg-shaped," and most recently, the enigmatic "black triangle." As I look through sighting reports each day, it is amazing to me that these triangle reports always seem to come in clusters. Some weeks, almost all of the major sighting reports are of these triangle craft, usually a black color. Keep in mind, it is very difficult to pin down the exact shape of some of these, as they may be reported with a slightly rounded front, and sometimes a "V" shape slice is missing in the middle, which is often called a chevron or delta.

"Silent Running" Black Triangle Sightings on the Rise is an excellent article on the triangles written by Leonard David. David gives us some basic information to start with: black triangles are normally seen flying very low, very slow, often near cities, and moving over highways. The objects are not hard to spot, often employing bright lights, clearly seen in night skies. The daylight triangle report is very rare. David gives us some insight into the National Institute for Discovery Science report on the subject. The gist of the entire report can be summed up like this:

“The United States is currently experiencing a wave of Flying Triangle sightings that may have intensified in the 1990s, especially towards the latter part of the 1990s. The wave continues. The Flying Triangles are being openly deployed over and near population centers, including in the vicinity of major Interstate Highways.”

He also reports on the possibility of covert operations, yet according to the NIDS, the triangles do not appear to be unmanned surveillance craft. The craft seem to fly without regard of being spotted, and do not adhere to the government pattern used with the F-117 or the B-2 stealth bomber. Are they man-made? or... are they of extraterrestrial origin? Take a look at this great piece of information, and keep looking for these strange, black objects. They may be coming to a city near you soon.

(Image ©
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A Christmas Star

Let me step into a controversial area today. Skeptics claim that the vast majority of night time UFO reports are misidentifications of just stars. While agreeing with this up to a point, I must add that sometimes what is identified as "just" a star might be something much more. I am referring to the Christmas Star. While many Bible scholars believe that God used an already existing heavenly body to guide the wise men to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus' birth, I totally disagree. Why use something ordinary to herald an extraordinary event?

The wise men, and we only assume there were three of them because they brought three gifts, came to Bethlehem to not only honor the Christ Child, but for another very important mission. By the time that King Herod had received word of the birth of a Saviour, almost two years had passed in the life of Jesus. Joseph and Mary, being poor, had no means to travel very far, and no place to hide to escape the deadly decree of the King: which would slay all newborn males two years and under.

The wise men would serve the purpose of bringing gifts that Mary and Joseph probably sold to finance a safe journey to Egypt. The family would live there for two years until the threat had passed. The wise men may have accomplished their mission unknowingly. Was it necessary for God to lead three men to come to see the Baby Jesus? There were literally thousands of Jews in town to pay their taxes. No, these men had means, and there could be no mistake that they served a heavenly purpose. The Christmas Star was created to serve as a guide to the Magi for this one night. This one special night.

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Breaking Sighting Reports

Hello UFO enthusiasts. We have a number of really good reports his week... so let's get started.

California-12-02-A man was watching his son put Christmas tree lights on their house, when he spotted what he thought was a star, shining brightly enough to be seen in daylight. He grabbed his binoculars, and zooming in, he could see a sphere shape. The object sat motionless for about 15 minutes before moving off in a westerly direction. He was baffled by his sighting.

Colorado-12-04-A man who was driving his scooter over the ice, fell, and laid on the ice for a time looking up into the sky. He soon noticed a circular object moving very slowly the sky. He called his girlfriend from the house to corroborate his sighting, but when he came back out, the unknown object was gone.

Florida-12-04-The witness saw UFOs twice within a 3 day period. On December 4, he saw a UFO which seemed to use the sky clouds to disguise itself. The object's illumination, however, gave it away. This sighting repeated itself on December 6, but this time a neighbor also saw the event. The two witnesses agreed they were looking at a triangular UFO. The witnesses' neighbor claimed to see a marking, similar to an X on the belly of the object.

Illinois-12-02-A man who was getting firewood from his backyard, noticed what he thought was a V-shaped flock of birds in the sky. The only problem with his explanation was that whatever this was, it remained motionless for a time, totally inconsistent with birds. The witness could not imagine any known flying object to match what he saw.

Kentucky-11-28-The National UFO Reporting Center received a phone call from the Kentucky Emergency Management Agency, relaying a sighting report made by a man and his wife. The couple was driving two vehicles on a rural road when they saw a row full of blue-green lights. Pulling off the road, they watched the object for quite some time. This particular sighting was corroborated by reports from Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and even Alaska. All of the reports were of the same or very similar object on the same night.

Nevada-11-25-The witness was looking at a jet contrail, when he noticed a bright, white, sphere. The time was about 4:00 PM. The object did not move with the contrail. This object was in view for a good twenty minutes, and photographs were taken. There were other witnesses.

Oregon-11-30-Witness was stargazing when he saw a jet off to this left, and to his right an unknown object. He thought at first it could be Jupiter. He later found out the object was in the wrong place to be a Jupiter or any other planet. The object continued to grow and brighten. Witness states that the object's brightness was blinding, and the next day his face was sunburned, and he had to wear sunglasses all day long.

Well folks, that's about it for another week, so until next time... keep your eyes on the skies.

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UFOs on the Telly on Christmas Day

If you and your family are like many others on Christmas Day, all the present opening will be done by daylight, especially if you still have youngsters in the house. After admiring your gifts for a time, suddenly you find out there is nothing else to do, unless you are helping out in the kitchen. If you have some time that day, or even if you're busy, and have a video recorder, get ready, because you are in for a treat.

The History Channel will air a ton of UFO documentaries, and they are all good ones. To see the scoop, check out the Christmas Day UFO Listings.

They will cover UFOs in the Bible, China's Roswell, Foo Fighters, Aurora, Texas Crash, and Area 51. Also two of my very favorites will be shown. The Shag Harbor UFO Crash of 1967 will be one of those, and Colares Island Encounter the other. All of these are top-notch productions about very important subjects. You can bet that these will probably never be played again on the same day, so get those video recorders ready to go on Christmas Day. And from me to you, I wish the very best for you and all of yours during the Christmas season this year.

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UFO Icons / Pop Culture

I see my good friend, R. Lee is at it again. In one of her recent offerings, Cultural Infiltration vs. Cultural Contamination & Little Green Men she lowers the boom on some of our UFO culture. Now, don't get me wrong, I do appreciate her writing. She is straightforward and honest... sometimes too honest. She discusses UFO icon infiltration into our society as having an air of suspicion, sneakiness, and covert activity. That may be true, but should it not be judged by what is really being input into our minds and consciousness, and by whom? She discusses "cleaning up" this infiltration, but how are we going to do that?

Today, even as much as the 1950's, UFOs and aliens are everywhere. You can hardly watch television without seeing them. Lately, even the Energizer bunny is with the program. Aliens in need of a battery charge for their UFO are rescued by the bunny, as he recharges their energy field. After the ship takes off, it then, as an afterthought, comes back and beams the bunny into their ship. I suppose they thought the time would come when they would need him again. There seems to be more movies than ever today relying on the extraterrestrial connection, and alien abduction for a subject line. I admit, however, that many of them are not that good. The problem today is we think we know too much about everything. True we were impressionable and somewhat naive when we believed that a 9 foot tall alien robot named Gort might destroy the Earth with one of his beams. But, for those of you who lived during the decade of the 1950's, wasn't that a better time? I suppose we will continue to put up with the "little green men," and won't we be better for it?

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Cylinders, Triangles, Latest Reports

Welcome to another week of UFO sighting reports. Let's take a look at some of the best ones that have come across the internet.

Arizona-11-26-Witness was sitting in car in the Best Buy parking lot. Sky was clear as witness noticed a cylindrical object high in the northern sky. Witness at first thought the unknown was a balloon, but the object was motionless. Object was white/silver and the size of an airliner. Object sat in sky for three minutes, and then was gone after witness looked away for a minute.

California-11-09-Witness saw a bizarre object about 7:45 PM in Atwater. Witness was looking at Milky Way when a blur distracted him. First thinking he was looking at meteor streak, he soon realized object was a rectangular UFO, or a triangle on its side. The UFO was only a few hundred feet above the ground, and "glided" quickly and without sound.

Georgia-11-27-Witness and girlfriend were in their car stopping at a red light, when the driver noticed a cigar-shaped UFO hovering in the sky. The object was motionless for a time, before moving from south to north suddenly. Witness estimated the UFO to be 600-700 feet in length.

Indiana-11-28-In Indianapolis, witness was walking to car after work, when he saw 2 black triangles flying over the city. About 20 seconds later, witness saw a third black triangle. The last one appeared from a cloud, and began to follow the first two. Witness thought he might be seeing an ultra-light craft or other military craft, but there was no sound at all.

New Jersey-11-27-Driving from Paramus to Oradell, witness saw an unusual object sitting motionless in the sky. Object had one set of 3 outer perimeter lights, and had another set of clustered lights. Each set of lights blinked independently of the other. Witness pulled off road to get a better look, but after only a few seconds, the object was not visible. The UFO made no sound.

Washington-11-28-Shortly after noon, witness was at home when he noticed a bright light outside. The object was reflecting sunlight, and it would brighten and dim with the passing clouds. Thinking that object might be a planet, he grabbed binoculars, and could see a definite dark shape that he couldn't see with the naked eye. After about 10 minutes the object disappeared.

Folks, that's about it for this week, so until next time, keep your eyes on the skies.

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Crashed UFO Photographed in Brazil

Just yesterday, I received a report from Brazilian UFO Magazine's editor, A. J. Gevaerd informing me of a photograph of an alleged UFO which was being transported on a semi-truck. Supposedly, this UFO was recovered from a crash in Brazil. Gevaerd received his information from Francisco Baqueiro, who resides in the state of Bahia. Baqueiro, a psychologist and therapist, had photographed the disc-shaped object with his cell phone camera on November 21, at precisely 07:16 AM.

Baqueiro had received inside information on the movement of the UFO from an informant who works in Brazilian intelligence. The informant also said that he was privy to knowledge of a UFO crash in Reconcavo Baiano, Bahia, which lies south of the capital city of Salvador. Supposedly, the object was being taken to the city of Feira de Santana. Baqueiro was lying in wait for the truck with UFO to go by, and he eventually took the photo shown here by pretending to be making a call. The truck was being escorted by the Federal Police. Baqueiro tried to gain entrance into a gas station that the truck and Federales stopped at, but was prevented from doing so by the authority of the Police.

He later returned to the station to talk to employees, but they were very tight lipped about the object, and had obviously been told to say nothing about it. The fact that the object was transported without cover has brought many comments, and there are several theories being discussed about that and also the suggestion that the object is only a cover for oil tanks or water tanks. The object was so large that the truck had to travel the two lane road in the middle, and the UFO still scraped trees and other vegetation along the side of the highway. Also it has been said that if the object, being so large, had been moved under a large cover, even more attention would have been drawn to it. There is still a lot to be learned about this incident, and only more details will tell us what really happened. I will certainly post more information as I receive it.

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UFOs: An Unreasonable Argument

Is there a difference between believing in the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence, and the belief in the existence of UFOs? Yes! and big time. Many of those who work in the field of science will tell you that they believe in the theory that man may not be alone in the universe, and that is why they subscribe to the idea of searching for an alien contact signal through SETI. But those same people will tell you that they vehemently do not believe that UFOs are real. All UFO sightings and claims of alien abduction are easily explainable by everyday means. What those means are, we are not told. When you consider this viewpoint, you have to understand that if their position is accurate, then every account of a UFO sighting is false, every photograph of a UFO is of an earthly made object, and all accounts of alien abduction are either falsified stories or made by those who are mentally impaired.

UFOs; An Unreasonable Argument is an in-depth look into the matter of who believes what and why about UFOs. Writer Daniel Brenton says that the subject of UFOs is an unreasonable one. And in that he is correct. The American and British mainstream media will hardly touch it. As I have stated before, when a UFO report is made on television is it normally a filler, and even at that, it is something for the announcers to snicker at. Can an intelligent person not believe in UFOs? Do you have to be a nut? Well...we all know better than that, and as Brenton so aptly puts it, the belief in UFOs is cool, and studying these strange, unearthly-looking vehicles is stimulating. Hey, I wholeheartedly agree. So, no matter what the high brows say, let's just keep on believing, and maybe some day...
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