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Montreal connection in JFK assassination

French Quebecer screenwriter and video director, Maurice Philipps had study social psychology and had always been fascinated by the disinformation phenomena. Examining the most important disinformation operation of the History, President John F. Kennedy assassination, he was astonished to discover that many pieces of information concerning the Dallas crime were leading to Montreal and to Canadian characters.

In his book, Philipps doesn't try to promote a new theory about the JFK assassination, he's just exploring thoroughly trails that American researchers and writers did identify but didn't follow to the end. But he finds interesting material that Americans, not fully aware of the importance of Montreal Mafia and of its connection to the American Cosa Nostra, didn't dig out.

Here are some of the trails leading from Dallas to Montreal:

- A 1964 FBI report, published in Warren Commission's documents (CE 2195), revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald's companion during his bus trip to Mexico City was an ex-chaplain of the Canadian Army using the false identity of Jack Bowen. Back in the United States, this Montrealer, described elsewhere as the head of an assassination squad based in Mexico, get a brand new passport at the Canadian Consulate in New Orleans. This passport, at the name of Albert Alexander Osborne, was grant to him by Canadian officers even if nobody could testify of his true identity and if Osborne's address was in reality Montreal's YMCA. The Canadian Consulate in New Orleans was conveniently located in Clay Shaw's International Trade Mart.

- According to a Canadian office of the US. Customs, Lee Harvey Oswald was seen in Montreal and positively identified three months before the JFK assassination, distributing Fair Play for Cuba Committee pamphlets with a group of FPCC members. Even if the FBI later tried to dismiss the Customs report as hearsay, the account was serious enough to make the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police make further inquiries and attempts to identify Oswald pro-Castro companions;

- The RCMP also conducted investigation about Oswald's revolver. Officially mail ordered in California, the gun was in reality coming from Montreal through a subsidiary of Century International Arms, the same C.I.A. Montreal company implicated in the Iran-Contra arms-for-drug scandal, and whose name appears on a weapons box photographed in Soldiers of Fortune magazine;

- Jim Garrison's investigation revealed that CIA's agent Clay Shaw was associate in Permindex with Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a Montreal lawyer and former Major in Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.). According to witness Jules Ricco Kimble, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie did a secret plane trip to Montreal before the assassination. Kimble first let Garrison believe that the journey occured a year before the assassination, but according to a document in files at the Assassination Archives and Research Center in Washington, Kimble later revealed that the plane trip took place in the Summer of 1963. Kimble, who came to Montreal with Shaw and Ferrie, later admitted to have furnished, in 1968, a false identity to James Earl Ray, the patsy in Martin Luther King assassination. The passport given to Ray had been forged in a Montreal office used as a front by the CIA;

- In New Orleans months before the JFK assassination, a Norman Le Blanc, was heard discussing the purchase of a cheap carbine sold in a magazine and "good to kill Kennedy". Norman Le Blanc, a Montreal businessman was later implicated in Watergate with his friend Robert Vesco. Le Blanc was also close to Giuseppe Cotroni, a Montreal gangster who was associate with Lewis McWillie (Jack Ruby's friend), Santos Trafficante, Meyer Lansky, and Norman Rothman in the Tropicana Hotel in

- In 1978, Montrealer drug baron Lucien Rivard was considered by the House Select Committee on Assassinations as one of the Castro's prisoners for whom Jack Ruby negotiated in Cuba in 1959. Rivard, a member of Montreal Cotroni family (itself a branch of Jos Bonanno's New York organization), was arrested in 1964 as the result of a huge heroin seizure. The drug, coming from Mexico City, was furnished to Rivard by Paul Mondolini, a Corsican trafficker who was accomplice of Michel-Victor Mertz. According to a CIA document, Mertz was expelled from Dallas by the Immigration and Naturalization Service on November 23, 1963. Later in Montreal, Mertz brag about the JFK assassination while he tried to recruit help in a conspiracy to kill General de Gaulle during his official visit in Mexico City;

What Maurice Philipps expose in his book corroborate the hypothesis that JFK killing was the result of a conspiracy uniting both Mafia and intelligence people. From the new point of view suggested in De Dallas à Montréal, even Bonanno's 1963-1965 ordeal and "kidnapping" take a new signification. The facts exposed in De Dallas à Montréal suggest that Rivard and Bonanno could be the missing link between the powerful Hoffa-Marcello-Trafficante-Giancana circle that ordered JFK's execution and, among others, presumed Corsicans executioners retributed with heroin.

Lucien RivardLucien Rivard, Bonanno's Montreal top man in 1963.

But more fascinating, Lucien Rivard, and thus Joseph Bonanno and the New York Mafia, are also solidly linked with Canadian political figures.

Few month after the JFK assassination, when Rivard and his superior Jos Bonanno were detained in Montreal's Bordeaux Jail, awaiting extradition to the United State, they both had important figures of the Canadian government intercede for their release. Those intercessions gave birth to the biggest scandal in the Canadian history: the Rivard Affair.

Joseph Bonanno
Joseph Bonanno,
New York Mafia boss, had control on Montreal mob.

While a special public inquiry was held about the bribe offer, Rivard became suddenly a folklore figure by escaping of Bordeaux, descending its wall with water hoses. Ironically, he was given access to the hoses by the prison's guards under pretext of watering an ice rink... in March while the outside temperature was around 40 degrees -well above the freezing point. The Rivard Affair finally forced the Canadian Minister of Justice to resign.

Keeping in memory that the same Canadian government which helped Rivard did also gave a new identity to Oswald's companion on his trip to Mexico, we should ask not only what part the Montreal Mafia took in the plot but also what role Canadian intelligence people (who are O.S.S.' veterans and partners of the CIA) did play in the JFK assassination.

President Kennedy's assassination is a giant jigsaw puzzle from which many pieces still have to be flipped and put in place. Not pretending to solve the whole JFK enigma, De Dallas à Montréal tries to bring to public attention new pieces of this puzzle and to suggest a better view of its whole picture.

Published in French in the Province of Quebec, De Dallas à Montréal is still unpublished in English, neither in Canada or in United States. For the first time, the Web site Canada and the JFK Assassination give to the English reading public access to serious information contained in this book and to many new facts unearthed since its publication. If you would like to order a French copy of De Dallas à Montréal, you can contact Canada and the JFK Assassination by E-mail at