The Dox Drawing

Ida Dox produced a drawing for the HSCA diagramming their interpretation of the head wounds seen in the photographs and the X-rays. I have shown below how it is generally compatible with the skull X-rays.

A proper comparison is not possible because the drawing is not from a true profile perspective. From our viewpoint we are somewhat below the head (notice how much of the bottom of the cranium we can see) and the head is turned away from us. Nevertheless, I rotated the drawing and drew a yellow line to mark the entrance wound location and green lines to mark the upper and lower boundaries of the skull defect. These match up quite well.


Paul Seaton produced the following comparison of the Dox drawing and the AP X-ray as a way to diagram one way some people interpret the X-ray:


My own interpretation is below. Although it is not a perfect match, it is fairly close. Some of the differences can be due to the perspective of the Dox drawing. I'm not sure the edges of the defect are clearly visible in the AP. Even the HSCA radiologists describe them only generally. It doesn't help that we view the defect nearly edge on in the AP view.

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