• Thursday November 20, 1997 [revised]

  • By Greg Jaynes

    H.B. McLAIN: Not in position to record impulses ala BBN

    By the time the Altgens photo below is taken , at least two shots have been fired according to BBN account of the time of the shootings.

    If H.B. McLain had the stuck microphone to record the impulses of those two shots and the subsequent ones, he should have already been at the corner of Houston and Elm BEFORE the Altgens photo was taken.

    In the Hughes frame above on the right we can see Dallas motorcycle policeman H.B. McLain rounding the corner from Main onto Houston street.

    The blue arrow points to the vice presidential secret service car.

    In the Altgens picture at the top of the page we can see the same vice presidential secret service car still in the intersection of Houston and Elm.

    Keep clicking on the following series of pictures to see McLain's positon in the motorcade. He arrived at Houston and Elm with the two Mercury Comets designated as Congress cars 1+2 in Todd Vaughan's SCHEMATIC LISTING OF THE MOTORCADE.