L. Fletcher Prouty and Scientology

It's a classic cult, with the usual charismatic but dishonest founder, financial shenanigans, bizarre beliefs, and extensive mind-control technology. For some basic information on Scientology, check the following links. Yet none of this prevents L. Fletcher Prouty's lending his support to the organization. The following is regularly posted on Internet newsgroups by proponents of Scientology.
"I have traveled far and wide throughout my professional life and see the peoples of Earth as incredibly diverse in character as well as needs. Oftentimes our efforts to understand and help them have been too narrow. In the many years I have worked with the Church of Scientology the one thing which has impressed me the most and which will characterize the Church far into future centuries is its ability to deal with humankind as a whole.

"At the heart of Scientology's activities is the betterment of all people no matter what creed, what race, what socioeconomic status to develop themselves spiritually and mentally so that each individual can improve his own life. Scientology's far-reaching goals are designed to tend to each individual uniquely with compassionate concern and commitment. These rare attributes are essential in these times of trouble and uncertainty and most assuredly provide the Church with a platform for growth and strength in the years to come."


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When I first found this quote, I posted it and the following questions on newsgroups alt.assassination.jfk, and alt.religion.scientology.
Can anybody confirm that this is authentic?

What exactly is Prouty's connection with Scientology? Is he a member? Just somebody who works with Scientology?

What other statements has he made about Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard?

Note that this message is cross-posted to alt.assassination.jfk. That's because Prouty is extremely well-known for his views on the JFK assassination. His association with Scientology, like his association with the Liberty Lobby, have been cited to suggest he lacks credibility, and is attracted to fringe movements and topics.

So responses that go to the issue of Prouty's credibility would be appreciated.

My questions were answered by James Lippard:
From:  lippard@primenet.com (James J. Lippard)
Newsgroups:  alt.assassination.jfk, alt.religion.scientology
Subject:   Re: Prouty and Scientology
Date:  23 Oct 1998 07:11:06 -0500

Prouty has written for Scientology's Freedom magazine and lent them
favorable quotes.  I don't know that he's ever been a member.

Check out:


    A letter from Prouty criticizing Russell Miller's book, Bare-Faced
    Messiah (an excellent and painstakingly researched book which,
    among other things, points out Hubbard's dismal military record) and
    attempting to defend Hubbard's military record on the grounds that
    all of his real accomplishments were clandestinely removed from the


    An article from the London Times about a nutty private investigator,
    hired to find ties between Russell Miller and the CIA, who fired a
    gun at reporters.  The PI in question was hired by Virginia Snyder,
    "a friend of L. Fletcher Prouty", another PI.  Snyder was paid by
    the Church of Scientology.

      Features the Prouty quote you cite.

      Article by Prouty in Scientology's _Freedom_ magazine

      Prouty character witness for Willis Carto in IHR trial (Scientology
      link--head of IHR, Tom Marcellus, a Scientologist)

Prouty is pretty clearly a full-blown nut case.

Jim Lippard   
People wanting the "lowdown" on Hubbard -- the facts Prouty tries to deny -- should read Bare Faced Messiah, available on Jim Lippard's web site.
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