Oliver Stone often compared his movie JFK to the 1951 Japanese film classic Rashomon in which the same event is seen differently by several witnesses (above is a still from the movie).

Thus it is when conspiracy theorists try to identify who the shooters and their accomplices in Dealey Plaza might have been. Researcher David Perry has compiled a list of all the accused shooters, accomplices, and coconspirators claimed to have had some role in the murder.

The total number has risen to 68.

People new to assassination research — perhaps those who have only seen "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" on The History Channel — might assume that if there are all these suspects at least some of them must be guilty.

But if it's so easy to concoct a "case" against someone as a Dealey Plaza conspirator, why should we take any of them very seriously?

Of course somebody shot John Kennedy, so at least one of the people on the list must be guilty. But does it have to be any more than that?

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Rashomon to the Extreme

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