Date February 15, 1964

Mrs. MARINA OSWALD was interviewed at the house of Mr. And Mrs. DECLAN FORD, 14057 Brookcrest, Dallas, with whom she is temporarily residing. Mrs. Ford is of Russian descent and speaks the Russian Language and has been previously identified by MARINA as a close friend of hers.

MARINA was questioned concerning the photographs which LEE HARVEY OSWALD had taken at the General WALKER home at Dallas, which photgraphs appear in inventory item number 14 - photograph 1 and inventory item 389, and have been identified as being photographs of the WALKER home.

MARINA stated that she had originally seen these photographs about two or three days after the WALKER shooting. On this occasion, she smelled smoke in the house which they resided on Neely Street. She investigated and found LEE HARVEY OSWALD in the bathroom burning pages from a loose-leaf notebook with a blue cover. She had seen this loose-leaf notebook about the house since the Walker incident and known that OSWALD did not destroy the notebook also. She also recalls seing a bus time-table in the notebook at the time he was burning the pages. At this time, OSWALD had in his hand some photographs. She asked to see the photographs and then asked OSWALD what they were. He identified them as being photographs which he had taken of the WALKER home. MARINA is of the opinion that OSWALD developed and printed the photographs himself as he had available material for such work at his place of employment and because he did not trust anybody else to do the developing and printing.

MARINA is not sure with which camera OSWALD took the photographs of the WALKER house. She reiterated that OSWALD owned two cameras; one a Russian made camera with the trade name "Smena - 2", and the other a U.S. made camera. The "Smena - 2" camera was previously identified as the "Cuera - 2" camera. "Smena - 2" is the English translation of the Russian trade name of this camera.

on 2/17/64 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agent ANTOLE BOGUSLAY and WALLACE E. HEITHAN Date Dictated 2/18/64

A photograph of the "Smena - 2" camera, which is item 376 which bears Serial Number 627250 was exhibited to her and she identified the camera depicted therein as identical with the Russian camera that OSWALD owned. She was also shown the photograph of the Stereo Realist, which is item number 378, which has Serial Number A60979. She could not identify this camera. She stated it was not the property of OSWALD as far as she knew. She advised to he knowledge she had never seen this camera. MARINA advised she could only identify the other camera which OSWALD owned. She believes the U.S. made camera made larger photographs then did the Russian camera. She recalls OSWALD had said something about the difficulty of obtaining film for the Russian camera. She believes the photographs of the WALKER house were taken with the U.S. made camera. She advised she does not have in her possession at this time, any negative photographs. MARINA stated she had a photo album among other personal effects in the garage at the FORD house and asked if she should look among these effects. She was asked if she would search the effects to determine if she had any negative photographs therein. MARINA went to the garage and brought out the effects which were contained in a small brown suitcase. She went through the effects which included several U.S. magazines published since the assassination and other personal papers. She found a small baby photo album. She looked through it but could not find any negatives.

MARINA was exhibited the photograph of a Minox light meter with case, which is item 375. She could not identify this light meter as being the property of OSWALD.

MARINA was further questioned concerning OSWALD's rifle.

She said OSWALD had packed the rifle in New Orleans several days prior to the time she left for Dallas. She said she presumes that the rifle was transported by her and Mrs. Ruth PAINE in the PAINE station wagon when they returned to Dallas from New Orleans in September, 1963. She recalls the next time she saw this rifle was in the PAINE garage about a week after she had arrived in Dallas in September, 1963. She said this was the occasion that

she has previously related when she was in the garage looking for a part of JUNE's baby bed and saw something wrapped up in a blanket. She undid the package enough to pull back a corner of the blanket. She noticed that the article in the blanket was OSWALD's rifle. She said that she does not recall actually seeing this rifle again until it was exhibited to her by the Commission investigating the assassination of President KENNEDY during her interrogation in Washington. MARINA recalls that there were two duffle bags left in the station wagon by her and Mrs. RUTH PAINE when they were unloading the station wagon following their trip from New Orleans. She does not know who moved those duffle bags from the station wagon to the garage but presumes it was either MICHAEL PAINE and/or RUTH PAINE. She said she was pregnant and did not pick up any heavy things.

MARINA classified RUTH PAINE as a very talkative person and one to whom you could not tell a secret because she could not keep a secret. She said RUTH PAINE was not the type of person to whom you would tell things to.

She said she had never told RUTH PAINE or MICHAEL PAINE that OSWALD owned a rifle. She does not believe that OSWALD ever told either of the PAINEs that he owned a rifle. She does not believe that either of the PAINEs knew that OSWALD had a rifle although she is not positive of this.

She advised she is well aware that

When OSWALD returned about 9:00 PM, he told her he had practiced with his rifle. She said she stated that he better watch out because the Police would arrest him. He replied there had been no people around to hear him practice with the rifle